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April 15, 2009  7:01 PM

Must-have VMware infrastructure plug-ins

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, H9Labs, Hyper9, Hytrust, Texiwill, Tripwire, VI Plugins, VMware, Wishlist

There are quite a few VMware plug-ins out there, but which would you really use on a regular basis? Here is a simple guide to the plug-ins I use and why I would not use some of the others. Must haves:

  • VMware Update Manager (part of VMware vCenter Server)

March 23, 2009  3:39 PM

My virtualization toolbox

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, ESX, ESXi, Tools, Tripwire, Veeam, Vizioncore, VMware, VMware Toolbox

What comprises a VMware vExpert's virtualization toolbox? I actually think there are several different layers of tools depending on the particular VMware virtualization administrators job role. Mine, for example, has a number of security tools that most people would not normally need, but I do. So...

February 5, 2009  7:59 PM

New VMware ESX v3.5 U3 vulnerabilities

Posted by: Texiwill
CISecurity, ConfigCheck, DISA, Edward L. Haletky, ESX, Texiwill, Tripwire, Virtualization security, VMware, VMware ESX Security

There is a new vulnerability in VMware ESX v3.5 U3 with all the patches that has just come to light. VMware has been made aware of this issue, and will fix it sometime in the near future. This bug relates to world writable directories on the VMware ESX service console. This is not a huge issue...


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