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July 22, 2009  2:26 PM

VMware ESX Web access in vSphere

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, ESX, Security, vSphere

With VMware Infrastructure 3, Web access was enabled by default. VMware chose to disable it in vSphere for security purposes. If you access an ESX 4 host with a Web browser you will see the default welcome page but if you click the log-in link you will get a 503 Service Unavailable error...

March 21, 2009  5:09 PM

Preparing for virtualization PCI security standards

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, ESX, PCI, Security, VMware

This week I went through out annual audit process for the fourth time, and as usual the virtual hosts were mostly ignored. Why? The Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards have yet to be updated to include the virtualization layer of...

January 13, 2009  3:07 PM

Useful VMware virtualization roundtable podcasts

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, Podcasts, Security, Texiwill, Virtualization security, VMware Communities

The VMware Communities roundtable podcast drew in a large crowd on Wednesday the 7th. In general, the show draws hundreds of listeners that download the recorded sessions available via Talkshoe and...

January 8, 2009  6:47 PM

Solution for VMware Player security vulnerability

Posted by: Texiwill
Blue Gears, Desktop virtualization, Edward L. Haletky, Exploit, Security, Texiwill, VMware, VMware Player

The gang at Milw0rm have posted one of the few exploits against VMware's desktop line of products, specifically VMware Player version 2.5.1. This exploits the vmwarebase.dll file when running VMware Player on Windows systems. There is no chance...

November 17, 2008  6:31 PM

Security outside the box

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, Security, VI3, Virtual machine security, Virtualization, Virtualization security, VMware, VMware ESX, VMware ESX 3.5, VMware ESXi, VMware scripting

Virtualization security depends on more than securing the virtualization host and hypervisor. It depends on everything that touches your virtualization host, directly or indirectly, also being secure. Let us take a quick look at the daily operations you may perform within your virtual...

November 3, 2008  6:52 PM

VMware ESXi security review: Firewall, please

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, Security, VI3, Virtualization, VMware, VMware ESX, VMware ESXi

VMware ESXi may have a smaller footprint than VMware ESX, but the pro-security theory behind the skinny ESX version may be defunct given the lack of ability to create a Defense in Depth strategy around the...

November 3, 2008  5:47 PM

Google and Microsoft creating virtualized cloud computing data centers

Posted by: Texiwill
Cloud computing, Edward L. Haletky, Security, Virtualization

Google and Microsoft are forming mega data centers with low energy costs and serious tax advantages by using renewable energy solutions. Each...

October 30, 2008  10:26 PM

VMware’s Bluelane purchase a move to true VDC-OS

Posted by: Texiwill
Edward L. Haletky, Security, VDC-OS, Virtualization, Virtualization security, VMware ESX

There's more to VMware's purchase of Bluelane than meets the eye. Touted as a means to beef up VMware's security and high availability options within the virtual infrastructure, this purchase is instead more of a move to a full VDC-OS...and not just a concept as presented at VMworld 2008. The...

June 9, 2008  8:59 PM

Changing the VMware Server 2.0 default permissions

Posted by: Rick Vanover
Rick Vanover, Security, Virtualization

I have been using VMware Server 2.0 (beta 2) on both Windows and Linux platforms for a while now. For Windows systems that are a member of an Active Directory domain, there are inherited permissions that may be assigned from Group Policy. If you want to change that, here are a couple of pointers in...

March 24, 2008  6:04 PM

VMware security coming to the forefront?

Posted by: HannahDrake
Security, Virtualization

Many virtualization analysts punt on the issue of security. But two recent events have brought security into higher relief: the uncovering of VMware's file-sharing security flaw and


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