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Eric Siebert

October 28, 2009  6:21 PM

What are IP Pools and vApps?

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware, vSphere

While navigating in the vSphere client the other day I noticed a new tab. When selecting a Datacenter object, a tab called IP Pools appeared. When clicking on this tab you had the option to view and add IP Pools. Having never seen this before my first thought was, what are IP...

October 16, 2009  3:31 PM

I/O bottlenecks in virtual environments

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware

I saw in a poll taken for a recent article that input/output, or I/O bottlenecks are the number one challenge for VMware users. This didn't really surprise me...

October 13, 2009  3:48 PM

What is virtualization?

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Virtualization

If you work with virtualization for a living, inevitably you'll be asked what virtualization is. Trying to explain it to someone who doesn't work with computers can often be challenging, and after you explain it they still may not know what it's about. So how do you explain it to someone for the...

October 5, 2009  2:22 PM

Removing old hardware after a P2V conversion

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, P2V, VMware

A recent VMware KB article reminded me of a best practice I have been preaching for years that involves cleaning up old server hardware on a virtual machine (VM) after doing physical-to-virtual (P2V) conversions. When you perform a P2V conversion you...

October 5, 2009  1:48 PM

Are you taking advantage of VMware knowledge on the Web?

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Virtualization, VMware

Not too long ago I saw a tweet from fellow virtualization blogger Gabe Van Zanten that said the following: "Today 10ppl on vSphere course all very knowledgeable & working @ VMware partners though none of them knew about any of our blogs...

September 18, 2009  1:45 PM

Virtualizing Lotus Domino servers: Support concerns

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, Lotus Domino, VMware

A reader recently sent me an email after reading some of my articles on on virtualizing Domino servers. He was wondering what IBM's official stance is on virtualizing Domino servers in VMware. Here's the back story: He has a pretty nice existing VMware environment consisting...

September 16, 2009  2:18 PM

Three new free administration tools from Vizioncore

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, free tools, Vizioncore, VMware

Free administration tools can really make a VMware administrator's life easier, so when I heard that Vizioncore recently announced some free administration tools I thought I would check them out. The three tools are vConverter SC, a...

September 15, 2009  2:27 PM

The process behind judging the Best of VMworld awards

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware, VMworld

I wanted to comment on some recent controversy concerning the Best of VMworld award winners by explaining in detail the process and how the judges decide winners for each category. I've been a judge for two years now so I know how challenging it can sometimes be to pick the winners. Let me begin...

September 14, 2009  1:11 PM

VMworld, so much to do, so little time

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware, VMworld

Either someone needs to invent a time machine or VMware needs to make VMworld a two week show. There is just way too much to do at VMworld and not near enough time to do it. Sleep is always the last thing on my priority list at VMworld; I was lucky to get about five hours each night. There...

September 10, 2009  2:50 PM

Judging the Best of VMworld awards

Posted by: Eric Siebert
Eric Siebert, VMware, VMworld

For the last few years at VMworld TechTarget has sponsored the Best of VMworld awards, which showcases the best products in many different categories. Last year was my first time being a judge and I had the privilege once again this year. Judges include TechTarget writers and editors and well...

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