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July 8, 2009  3:20 PM

Scheduling virtual CPUs

Posted by: Eric Siebert
CPU, Eric Siebert, ESX, scheduling, VMware

Recently someone asked me what VMware scheduling is, so I thought I would cover that in this blog post. Scheduling, or virtual CPU scheduling, happens behind the scenes and is not a very visible component of virtualization, but is absolutely critical for virtualization to work properly. You...

February 19, 2009  9:42 PM

Lord of the virtual rings: Why hardware matters to your VMs

Posted by: Eric Siebert
CPU, Eric Siebert, ESX, Virtualization, VMware

x86 computer operating systems utilize protection rings that provide a range of protection levels called rings in which code can execute. These rings are arranged in a hierarchical manner from the most privileged (most trusted, Ring 0) to least privileged (least trusted, Ring 3) as shown...


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