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January 16, 2008  1:13 AM

Become more one

Posted by: 2020viip
Agile, Alliance, Business, Fellowship, Government, Inherent Quality, IT, Security, Software Quality

Reading a SearchSoftwareQuality.Com article, Software development trends in 2008: Outsourcing, agile development (26 Dec 2007), you may venture to reading an article noted within that is from way back in Feb 2007,

December 7, 2007  8:20 PM


Posted by: 2020viip
Agile, Inherent Quality, Software Quality, Unification

To the words of Dr. John Demartini within this wisdom flash, you might add: 1) it is important to further unification and in humility to count others better than yourself; 2)...

September 8, 2007  2:17 AM

Be agile and keep an open mind

Posted by: 2020viip
Agile, Fun, Inherent Quality, Software Quality

By 2020 will continued unique blending of unity and diversity more so globally enable radical maturity and convergence relative to the inherent characteristics and behaviors of operating systems, applications, mobile devices and the net? The fun surfing link to go with this post shares...

September 3, 2007  6:25 PM


Posted by: 2020viip
Agile, Inherent Quality, Software Quality

The inside (or inner joy) is important. So too is it important the world become more so one. This however does not mean the world should become single-minded. Dyer it appears would agree. He also suggests each of us must: let...

August 25, 2007  5:38 PM


Posted by: 2020viip
Agile, Fun, IBM, Inherent Quality, Microsoft, Security, Software Quality, Unification

Within all there is energy for good and a creative genius that can contribute to generating greater viip for self and others. Changing our thinking will enable us to see this and to generate greater joy throughout the world. Connect with the source. Work the inner nature. Apply the creative...


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