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December 3, 2013  4:59 PM

The NSA’s Data Center Adventure

Posted by: Nlyte Software
Data Center, DCIM

by Mark Harris, Vice President of Marketing and Data Center Strategy for Nlyte Software Over the past year, the NSA has come under intense public scrutiny on its intelligence gathering and data mining practices, and if that wasn’t bad enough, in a recent set of articles published in the

November 5, 2013  5:05 PM

The Software-Defined Data Center and Data Center Information Management

Posted by: Nlyte Software
Data Center, DCIM

By Mark Harris, vice president of marketing and data center strategy at Nlyte Software Ours is a remarkable, interconnected world, where mobile devices are now more plentiful than people, and the expectations are for anyone to have access to any information at any time. The concept of instant...

August 12, 2013  7:34 PM

What Breaking the Law and Cellphones have to do with Data Centers

Posted by: Nlyte Software
Data Center, DCIM

By Matt Bushell We’ve all heard of Moore’s Law, that every two years the number of transistors on an integrated circuit (and thus processing power) doubles.  Gordon made this observation way back in 1965 and it became popularized in 1970 – so it shouldn’t be news to any...

August 7, 2013  3:57 PM

Connecting the Dots in the Data Center – DCIM and ITSM

Posted by: Nlyte Software
Data Center, DCIM, IT assets

by Mark Harris As a general rule of thumb, the more connected your data center information management (DCIM) solution is to your existing IT management frameworks, the more strategic your DCIM deployment will be. The more connected the solution is, the larger the population...

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