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March 10, 2009  2:01 AM

Writing scripts that use speech with the Windows Speech API

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Office Agent, SAPI.SpVoice, Sound, Speech API, undocumented windows, VBScipt, VBScript Objects

I've been looking for ways to make a script speak the information it needs to relay to the user just for fun and, unfortunately the only scripts I could find out there were extremely elaborate onces that use the Microsoft Office Agents. While they fit the bill they were annoying and required...

October 3, 2008  3:00 PM

How to retrieve HTML web pages with VBScript via the Microsoft.XmlHttp object

Posted by: Jerry Lees
HTML, HTTP, Microsoft.XmlHttp, VBScript, VBScript Objects, Web Pages, XML

Recently, I had a situation where I had to pull down a HTML page to compare it to a known copy of the page. Certainly, IE or FireFox-- or Google's Chrome would have done the trick and I could have viewed the source. But that would require me to do...

August 1, 2008  10:00 PM

VBScript Statements: Explanation of the Set Statement

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Objects, set, set command, VBScript, VBScript Objects, VBScript Statements, working with objects, working with variables

The set statement is used to assign any value to any type of variable. For the most part this command is optional. However, it needs to be used when you are assigning an object reference to a variable, such as when you use a variable to hold the return of a CreateObject function for later...

July 10, 2008  3:23 AM

How to use the VBScript Scripting.Dictionary object to store data to make key decisions.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Random Numbers, randomize, rnd, Scripting.Dictionary, VBScript, VBScript Functions, VBScript Objects

I've been writing lately on individual topics and thought it was time for a little fun, while introducing you to a new object in the process... the Scripting.Dictionary object! (and...


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