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Variable Types


October 30, 2008  12:00 AM

A new found bug in VBScript that causes if then statements to return wrong comparisons (or is it?)

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Integer, string, Variable Types, variant, VBScript, working with variables

In the past I've cautioned you on always initializing your variables and encouraged you to always declare your variable types, rather than using the default variant type in VBScript. I'll be the first to admit I don't follow my own advice in my examples! However, variants can be...

September 6, 2008  11:41 PM

VBScript Statements: Explanation of the Public Statement

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Public, Variable Types, VBScript, VBScript Statements

The VBScript Public statement creates a variable, function, subroutine, or class that is available outside the bounds of the scope it was created in and it functions very much like a global variable, except that it can be declared or initialized inside a non0-global code...

April 25, 2008  3:19 PM

How VBScript variable types are represented as binary numbers

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Variable Types, VBScript

In a previous posting,  Converting...

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April 13, 2008  1:40 AM

Converting variable types in vbscript from one type to another type

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Functions, Variable Types, VBScript, VBScript Statements

In a previous posting, titled Variable types in...

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April 6, 2008  12:17 AM

Variable types in VBscript and their upper and lower limits

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Variable Types, VBScript

I just realized that the direction I'm headed with this blog (atleast a few posts from now) requires that I give you some more background information beyond what I've already done.  Previously, I've talked about variables and given you a few types in passing-- but never detailed the different...

March 12, 2008  5:38 PM

Use of option explicit and the DIM statement in VBSCRIPT.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Error control, Variable Types, VBScript, VBScript Statements

As an answer to the extra credit portion of my posting a few days ago: DIM in a script declares a variable to be used. It just simply creates the variable, nothing more. By default, vbscript will create variables on the fly for you as you use them...


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