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February 20, 2009  3:53 PM

Using the IIS ADSI object to retrieve the anonymous user password for a server via VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
iis, System Administration, Systems Administration, Toolkit, VBScipt, VBScript, VBScript Functions, working with objects

I recently had to change the anonymous user account for a change request for a site in IIS, but unfortunately the change did not work and we had to roll it back. However, I didn’t have and wouldn’t have known the account’s password since IIS and windows changes it periodically. So, out...

December 2, 2008  12:55 AM

Very simple encryption example with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
3des, decrypt, decrytption, encrypt, encryption, mid, Reverse Strings, RSA, string, String manipulation, StrReverse, Toolkit, VBScript

I previously mentioned a routine that I wrote to encrypt a string. Now, before the security folks look at the code... understand this: This is intended only to obscure a string from a casual prying eye. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for true encryption like 3DES and...

August 13, 2008  2:29 PM

Essential tools: Wget, a command line tool to retrieve web pages

Posted by: Jerry Lees
essential tools, free tools, http tools, Systems administrator tools, Toolkit, web tools, wget, windows tools

There is nothing more annoying than having a web server or site down and IE (or FireFox, for that matter) become dog slow or simply getting in the way of trouble shooting the page. Additionally, sometimes these browsers actually get in the way of troubleshooting the problem by masking the error...

July 23, 2008  5:54 PM

Essential tools: Tools every systems administrator needs to know about and use

Posted by: Jerry Lees
essential tools, free software, free tools, software resources, Systems administrator tools, Toolkit

If you read this blog regularly, you know that much of what I write about is VBScript. But that's not completely the goal of this blog. The main goal is to make your life as a systems admin easier! (Scripting just happens to be a big way to accomplish this.) So, on occasion I do write about other...


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