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June 18, 2009  3:34 PM

A day in the life of a Sysadmin: Check out Microsoft’s Server Quest Game

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Games, Humor, System Administration, Systems Administration

So, I’ve been on call for a week now covering for a co-worker -- with a week to go for my turn and got my periodical Technet Flash Email (

May 26, 2009  2:49 PM

How to Add the Ability to Administer an IIS 6 Server From a XP Machine.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
iis, iis 6, IIS6, Microsoft Windows, System Administration, web tools, webmaster

In re-doing my laptop after a hard drive failure recently I’ve had to setup a bunch of stuff I had previously installed, one thing that several people have asked about (or didn't know about) is the IIS6 MMC snap in. It allows you to Administer IIS6 from your desktop. It will give you the...

May 2, 2009  6:19 PM

Using the VBScript datediff function to determine the age of a file by the last modified and the last accessed time

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Disk space, disk utilities, file access, file modified, modification date, System Administration, VBScipt, VBScript Functions

I recently needed a way to tell if a file had been accessed or modified recently, something that has always been a question when you're out of space on a server and can't just add more space to it. What do you delete??? The Old files are the obvious answer... except if people are using...

April 23, 2009  11:28 PM

How to Make Your Computer Boot Faster

Posted by: Jerry Lees
performance tips, System Administration, Systems Administration, tips and tricks

I read an interesting article recently that gave some excellent tips at making your computer run faster-- without an upgrade! I thought I'd pass some of these tips along and add a few of my own. First, You can make your computer run faster (and free up space by uninstalling software that you no...

April 20, 2009  1:44 PM

Parsing the Windows Event log for specific data

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Eventlogs, System Administration, systems management, VBScript, Win32_NTLogEvent

If you've ever tried to find a specific event log entry in a system you know what a chore it can be to find them. Sure, you can filter on the event ID and get closer but, some applications (and system components) log every event that's from the same source as the same event ID. IIS is terribly...

April 13, 2009  3:18 PM

Finding the owner of a process remotely with VBScript via the Win32_process class

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, Functions, System Administration, Systems Administration, VBScript, VBScript Functions, win32_process, Windows Management Interface, WMI

 Recently I had an issue where I needed to find the user running a series of processes on a large number of servers. Initially, it was a long process of logging onto each server then opening task manager and sorting by process name. After about 5 servers, I realized it was going to take hours to...

February 26, 2009  8:00 AM

Retrieving the account IIS is using as the anonymous user account with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
iis, System Administration, Systems Administration, systems management, VBScript, VBScript Functions, web sites, web tools, working with objects

I recently posted a script that retrieved the anonymous user password for a server in IIS. This script I posted, Using the IIS ADSI object to retrieve the anonymous user password for a server...

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February 20, 2009  3:53 PM

Using the IIS ADSI object to retrieve the anonymous user password for a server via VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
iis, System Administration, Systems Administration, Toolkit, VBScipt, VBScript, VBScript Functions, working with objects

I recently had to change the anonymous user account for a change request for a site in IIS, but unfortunately the change did not work and we had to roll it back. However, I didn’t have and wouldn’t have known the account’s password since IIS and windows changes it periodically. So, out...

January 28, 2009  11:40 PM

Microsoft CRM Email Router stops working mysteriously and then starts working again– just as mysteriously.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
CRM, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, System Administration, systems management

I've been doing a good deal of work with Microsoft CRM lately. Heck, I'll say it... I've been doing ALL my work with Microsoft CRM lately. It's a beast that no one here at "the office" knows about and I've become "The Guy". You know what that means, scramble to stay ahead of the...

January 8, 2009  2:18 AM

Essential tools: Fiddler Web Debugger, Display HTTP packets LIVE without a packet sniffer

Posted by: Jerry Lees
essential tools, free software, free tools, System Administration, Web applications, web sites, webmaster

You may have been thinking I had forgotten about this series of articles since I haven't posted to it in a while. Nope! Just haven't run across anything that was truely aazing enough to be an "Essential Tool". Well, I recently found just that web I had to troubleshoot a application that was making...

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