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December 2, 2008  12:55 AM

Very simple encryption example with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
3des, decrypt, decrytption, encrypt, encryption, mid, Reverse Strings, RSA, string, String manipulation, StrReverse, Toolkit, VBScript

I previously mentioned a routine that I wrote to encrypt a string. Now, before the security folks look at the code... understand this: This is intended only to obscure a string from a casual prying eye. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for true encryption like 3DES and...

November 21, 2008  7:50 PM

Encryption and Decryption with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
decrytption, encryption, VBScript

I've always been somewhat interested in encryption, but never been terribly good at understanding the math behind it and couldn't find any example code for doing encryption and decryption with VBScript... so I thought I'd write something that would atleast shield characters in a...

September 4, 2008  4:01 PM

Pinging a remote computer from another remote computer using the WMI Win32_PingStatus class in VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Functions, monitoring, Networking, VBScript

I recently began working on trying to figure out ways to troubleshoot real problems with a VBScript and give me some diagnostic information about the current state of the environment. As I build this script I plan on sharing pieces of it bit by bit with you, my readers. I also wanted to get back to...

August 21, 2008  2:25 PM

Essential Tools: A free tool to mount an ISO cdrom or DVD image as a Virtual CDROM drive

Posted by: Jerry Lees
CDROM Tools, disk utilities, drive utilities, DVD Tools, essential tools, free software, free tools, ISO, ISO Tools, software resources, Systems administrator tools, windows tools

We've all had times when we needed a file from an installation CD or DVD, but only had an ISO image available on the network. So, we have to copy the image to our machine then burn the image to media-- just to get the file. There are utilities out there that do this, like

June 26, 2008  1:56 PM

How to associate specific WWW w3wp.exe process ID’s with a IIS application

Posted by: Jerry Lees
monitoring, VBScript, Web applications, webmaster

One of the most difficult problems with troubleshooting a web application on a server that has many applications on it is determining which one of the applications is causing an issue. Sometimes that is easy because you see an error message or, in those rare cases where you get an actual...

June 13, 2008  2:18 PM

How to find a lost router password for most routers

Posted by: Jerry Lees
default passwords, factory default, lost password, Networking, password, routers, Security

In this installment, I thought I'd take a quick break from VBScript and give you a little networking information I stumbled upon. Recently, at my current job site we had a situation where the client didn't know the router password because a series of network administrators had left and the...

April 7, 2008  5:19 PM

Rant: Anyone else dislike those “enter the letters you see below” confirmation pages?

Posted by: Jerry Lees
CAPTCHA, Security

Ok, you guys know I try to at least stay on topic with respect to systems administration... but this time, as a systems administrator, I have to just share my complete frustration with a technology in use these days entirely to much, in my opinion. That technology is the use of the automated...

March 24, 2008  3:03 PM

Found discount: 50% off Kaspersky Antivirus Products

Posted by: Jerry Lees

I don't normally think enough about a product to pass these things on, or the discount isn't real enough to warrant my bugging you with the information-- but I recently found a link to Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products

March 7, 2008  10:22 PM

Eventlog search tool — Find quick help with windows event log entries

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, DataCenter, Exchange, Networking, Security

While not VBScript related, I found this Microsoft Eventlog and Error Message Search a few days ago as I stumbled around looking for tools that I thought network administrators would need on


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