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January 5, 2009  2:03 AM

Retrieve environment variable values from a remote system with WMI

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Environment Variables, PATH variable, Remote management, System Administration, VBScript, Win32_Environment, Windows Management Interface, WMI

Back in October I shared with you a way to retrieve environment variables with a script titled

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September 4, 2008  4:01 PM

Pinging a remote computer from another remote computer using the WMI Win32_PingStatus class in VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Functions, monitoring, Networking, VBScript

I recently began working on trying to figure out ways to troubleshoot real problems with a VBScript and give me some diagnostic information about the current state of the environment. As I build this script I plan on sharing pieces of it bit by bit with you, my readers. I also wanted to get back to...

July 18, 2008  3:46 PM

Useful site: Tons of free books online… did I mention free?

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Developer documentation, Development, Documentation, Exchange, Networking, online books, online resources, routers, web sites

I like free stuff. Who doesn't? And with the price of technology books you can imagine I was amazed when I found a pretty cool site recently, Scribd, that allows you to upload electronic documents. They then add this document to the database...

June 13, 2008  2:18 PM

How to find a lost router password for most routers

Posted by: Jerry Lees
default passwords, factory default, lost password, Networking, password, routers, Security

In this installment, I thought I'd take a quick break from VBScript and give you a little networking information I stumbled upon. Recently, at my current job site we had a situation where the client didn't know the router password because a series of network administrators had left and the...

April 17, 2008  8:52 PM

Creating text files using the Scripting.FileSystemObject with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
File System Object, FSO, Functions, Log files, Scripting.FileSystemObject, VBScript

Well, I didn't expect the cat to get out of the bag quite so quickly! (Congratulations go out to Stoinov 

March 7, 2008  10:22 PM

Eventlog search tool — Find quick help with windows event log entries

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, DataCenter, Exchange, Networking, Security

While not VBScript related, I found this Microsoft Eventlog and Error Message Search a few days ago as I stumbled around looking for tools that I thought network administrators would need on

March 3, 2008  9:11 PM

Using Set, GetObject, ExecQuery, and For Next in VBSCRIPT to use WMI objects

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Networking, Objects, SQL, VBScript, VBScript Statements

In my last blog entry I explained error control via on error resume next and on error goto 0, there are other ways as well-- but for now this should work to get us by. Next well discuss the Set, GetObject, ExecQuery,...

February 29, 2008  2:45 AM

Finding HP Printers using PCL6 Drivers with WMI

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Error control, Networking, Printer Administration, Printers, VBScript, Windows Management Interface

Recently, at my work we had a situation where users were reporting the printer was not printing their documents and/or it was printing very slowly. After digging into the problem, I found: 1. the documents were spooling just fine to the printer 2. the documents were not hanging in the...


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