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April 13, 2009  3:18 PM

Finding the owner of a process remotely with VBScript via the Win32_process class

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, Functions, System Administration, Systems Administration, VBScript, VBScript Functions, win32_process, Windows Management Interface, WMI

 Recently I had an issue where I needed to find the user running a series of processes on a large number of servers. Initially, it was a long process of logging onto each server then opening task manager and sorting by process name. After about 5 servers, I realized it was going to take hours to...

March 7, 2008  10:22 PM

Eventlog search tool — Find quick help with windows event log entries

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, DataCenter, Exchange, Networking, Security

While not VBScript related, I found this Microsoft Eventlog and Error Message Search a few days ago as I stumbled around looking for tools that I thought network administrators would need on


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