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Disk space


May 7, 2009  2:39 PM

Essential tools: Treesize another disk free space utility with a powerful punch– and a low low price tag

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Disk space, diskspace, drive space, drive utilities, drivedpace, essential tools, spacemonger

This essential tool came to me as a comment submission some time back on another essential tool post I made, for SpaceMonger. The two tools display the same type data a litte differently, but depending on how you look at it you may prefer one over te other. A big thanks to Eva007 for commenting...

May 2, 2009  6:19 PM

Using the VBScript datediff function to determine the age of a file by the last modified and the last accessed time

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Disk space, disk utilities, file access, file modified, modification date, System Administration, VBScipt, VBScript Functions

I recently needed a way to tell if a file had been accessed or modified recently, something that has always been a question when you're out of space on a server and can't just add more space to it. What do you delete??? The Old files are the obvious answer... except if people are using...

August 18, 2008  5:48 PM

Essential Tools: Determining disk usage graphically with free tools

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Disk space, diskspace, drive space, drivespace, essential tools, free software, spacemonger, Systems administrator tools, windows tools

The next essential tool is one that I have used for quite some time now, and one I searched to find for some time. As a systems administrator, its an ever ending battle for you to keep space...


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