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January 8, 2009  2:18 AM

Essential tools: Fiddler Web Debugger, Display HTTP packets LIVE without a packet sniffer

Posted by: Jerry Lees
essential tools, free software, free tools, System Administration, Web applications, web sites, webmaster

You may have been thinking I had forgotten about this series of articles since I haven't posted to it in a while. Nope! Just haven't run across anything that was truely aazing enough to be an "Essential Tool". Well, I recently found just that web I had to troubleshoot a application that was making...

January 5, 2009  2:03 AM

Retrieve environment variable values from a remote system with WMI

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Environment Variables, PATH variable, Remote management, System Administration, VBScript, Win32_Environment, Windows Management Interface, WMI

Back in October I shared with you a way to retrieve environment variables with a script titled

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January 2, 2009  3:01 AM

Searching the Windows Eventlog for specific events with WMI

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Systems Administration, systems management, VBScript, Win32_NTLogEvent, Windows Management Interface, WMI

On occasion as a systems administrator you have to find the proverbial needle in the haystack with respect to the events in the event logs. You know what I mean, the one event you care about and need to know when it occured as part of your troubleshooting... then throw in that you need to do it in...

December 29, 2008  3:21 PM

Using special characters in VBScript strings

Posted by: Jerry Lees
ASCII, Special Characters, string, String manipulation, strings, VBScipt, working with variables

I just realized I've been using Visual Basic String constants in my scripts with little to no explanation. We'll rectify that situation right now! ;-) When dealing with strings in VBScript, you occasionally need to add formatting characters to a string, so that when it is displayed on the screen...

December 26, 2008  2:42 PM

Fun with the Registry: Saving ODBC Entries from a server (and moving them to a new server)

Posted by: Jerry Lees
fun with the registry, migrate ODBC entries, migrating a web server, ODBC, ODBC entries, rebuilding a webserver, registry, Web applications, webmaster

On occasion you have to rebuild servers, some are worse than others to rebuild. Much like my previous post on

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December 8, 2008  10:54 PM

A great XMLDOM online reference for creating XSLT Translation documents

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Online References, XML, XMLDOM, XSLT

If you were interested in my previous posts relating to XML and XSL Translations. You'll know how difficult it is sometimes to get the syntax right and know what functions are available to you when writing a XSLT document to translate a XML file into HTML. Well, I recently found a great...

December 4, 2008  9:22 PM

Using WMI’s WIN32_Process class to remotely kill a process

Posted by: Jerry Lees
kill, kill process, Kill processes, pkill, VBScript, win32_process

Recently I had a situation where I had to kill a number of processes on a number of servers in a short period of time so we could update the executable file quickly so the processes could be safely respawned. This presented a challenge because it needed to be done quickly both before users...

December 2, 2008  12:55 AM

Very simple encryption example with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
3des, decrypt, decrytption, encrypt, encryption, mid, Reverse Strings, RSA, string, String manipulation, StrReverse, Toolkit, VBScript

I previously mentioned a routine that I wrote to encrypt a string. Now, before the security folks look at the code... understand this: This is intended only to obscure a string from a casual prying eye. It is NOT intended to be a replacement for true encryption like 3DES and...

November 28, 2008  5:07 PM

Reversing a String with VBScript… the easy way!

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Reverse Strings, String manipulation, StrReverse, VBScript

In a previous post, entitled Reversing a string with VBScript using the mid function, I shared a piece of code with you that reversed a...

November 26, 2008  2:43 PM

Reversing a string with VBScript using the mid function

Posted by: Jerry Lees
mid, String manipulation, VBScript

As a part of the VBScript encryption I mentioned working on I needed to find a way to reverse a string. Doing this yielded many possibilities, but this piece of code seemed to work the best (and was the simplest) out of all the pieces of code I came up with to reverse a string. It's simple, but...

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