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July, 2008


July 23, 2008  5:54 PM

Essential tools: Tools every systems administrator needs to know about and use

Posted by: Jerry Lees
essential tools, free software, free tools, software resources, Systems administrator tools, Toolkit

If you read this blog regularly, you know that much of what I write about is VBScript. But that's not completely the goal of this blog. The main goal is to make your life as a systems admin easier! (Scripting just happens to be a big way to accomplish this.) So, on occasion I do write about other...

July 23, 2008  3:10 PM

VBScript Statements: Explanation of the With … End With Statement

Posted by: Jerry Lees
end with, VBScript, VBScript Statements, with, with end with, working with objects

The With ... End With statement allows you to execute a section of code on a specific object or class that calls methods or set properties on the object from within VBScript without referencing the object directly in the code written. It is a way of simplifying your code, and...

July 18, 2008  3:46 PM

Useful site: Tons of free books online… did I mention free?

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Developer documentation, Development, Documentation, Exchange, Networking, online books, online resources, routers, web sites

I like free stuff. Who doesn't? And with the price of technology books you can imagine I was amazed when I found a pretty cool site recently, Scribd, that allows you to upload electronic documents. They then add this document to the database...

July 14, 2008  10:40 PM

Top 10 concepts to grasp in order to write useful scripts in VBScript (Part 2)

Posted by: Jerry Lees
advice, tips and tricks, VBScript, vbscript tips

In my last posting I gave you 5 of what I consider to be 5 of the top 10 things to grasp so that you can be successful in writing...

July 11, 2008  6:02 AM

Top 10 concepts to grasp in order to write useful scripts in VBScript (Part 1)

Posted by: Jerry Lees
advice, tips and tricks, VBScript, vbscript tips

In this installment I thought I'd give the network administrator looking to learn VBScript a little help in focusing in of key skills needed to write not only useful VBScripts, but help them make their lives easier! There are certainly more concepts that are helpful, but these are the ones I think...

July 10, 2008  3:23 AM

How to use the VBScript Scripting.Dictionary object to store data to make key decisions.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Random Numbers, randomize, rnd, Scripting.Dictionary, VBScript, VBScript Functions, VBScript Objects

I've been writing lately on individual topics and thought it was time for a little fun, while introducing you to a new object in the process... the Scripting.Dictionary object! (and...

July 3, 2008  2:55 AM

VBScript Statements: Explanation of the Rem Statement

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Developer documentation, REM, VBScript, VBScript Statements, vbscriptstatements

The VBScript REM statement is used to place a comment in your script or function. It is typically considered essential to place comments in code, not only to document what something does for others-- but for yourself 6 months down the line.  Another short hand method of placing a comment in the...

July 2, 2008  12:06 AM

VBScript Statements: Explanation of the For Each … Next Statement

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Conditional statements, for, for each, for each next, next, VBScript Statements, vbscriptstatements, working with arrays

The For Each Next statement combination is very useful for situations where you need to loop through a piece of code a specific number of times, just like the For Next statement, except that you may not even know at run time how many...


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