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March, 2008


March 27, 2008  3:03 PM

Rebooting or Shuttingdown a Server Remotely with VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Functions, Subroutines, VBScript

In this installment I'd like to share with you a scriplet I developed out of frustration with not having found this information anywhere else.  On occasion you need to reboot a server, sure you can do it by logging in or by the shutdown command on windows XP. Heck you can even do it with the...

March 24, 2008  3:03 PM

Found discount: 50% off Kaspersky Antivirus Products

Posted by: Jerry Lees

I don't normally think enough about a product to pass these things on, or the discount isn't real enough to warrant my bugging you with the information-- but I recently found a link to Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products

March 21, 2008  5:39 PM

Explanation: Using Microsoft.XMLDOM to work with data feeds in VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
360voice, DataManagement, Development, Microsoft.XMLDOM, VBScript, XML

You may recall we recently worked with a cool little script that itself didn't have anything to do with systems administration, the 360voice API...

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March 20, 2008  6:26 PM

Explanation: Working with Subroutines and Functions in VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
DataManagement, Development, Functions, Subroutines, VBScript

I just realized in my haste to get out a piece of code celebrating the XBOX 360 contest, I negected to give a proper answer for our discussion on subroutines and functions in a vbscript. In this installment, we'll explain how to build a function and a subroutine a bit better. First, remember...

March 14, 2008  5:57 PM

Using XML in vbscript via Microsoft.XMLDOM to work with data feeds

Posted by: Jerry Lees
360voice, DataManagement, Microsoft.XMLDOM, VBScript, XML

In this installment I wanted to both celebrate and congratulate the winners of the ITKE Challenge that has been running over the last few months for an XBOX 360 ELITE system, among other prizes. I also wanted to write about XML use in vbscript as well so...

March 12, 2008  5:38 PM

Use of option explicit and the DIM statement in VBSCRIPT.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Error control, Variable Types, VBScript, VBScript Statements

As an answer to the extra credit portion of my posting a few days ago: DIM in a script declares a variable to be used. It just simply creates the variable, nothing more. By default, vbscript will create variables on the fly for you as you use them...

March 10, 2008  3:33 PM

Working with Subroutines and Functions in VBScript

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Functions, Subroutines, VBScript

In this installment, we'll discuss the advantages of using Subroutines and Functions in your script rather than using a all-in-one script that runs from start to finish. I'll only give a breif over veiw of subroutines and function, but more information on them can be found in the 

March 7, 2008  10:22 PM

Eventlog search tool — Find quick help with windows event log entries

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Administration tools, DataCenter, Exchange, Networking, Security

While not VBScript related, I found this Microsoft Eventlog and Error Message Search a few days ago as I stumbled around looking for tools that I thought network administrators would need on

March 4, 2008  1:57 AM

Determining properties and methods used in a WMI object for use in a vbscript.

Posted by: Jerry Lees
DataCenter, Development, VBScript, Windows Management Interface, WMI

In this entry we'll take a look at the microsoft documentation for win32_printerdriver and determine how we can determine what values to use to get data once we've created a script to get set of data back from a WMI object...

March 3, 2008  9:11 PM

Using Set, GetObject, ExecQuery, and For Next in VBSCRIPT to use WMI objects

Posted by: Jerry Lees
Development, Networking, Objects, SQL, VBScript, VBScript Statements

In my last blog entry I explained error control via on error resume next and on error goto 0, there are other ways as well-- but for now this should work to get us by. Next well discuss the Set, GetObject, ExecQuery,...


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