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May 23, 2011  11:08 AM

Partnership has its privileges: Polycom’s winning strategy

Posted by: Leigha
Accordent Technologies, Andrew Miller, Cisco, Micrsoft Skype acquisition, Polycom, telepresence, UC Everywhere

When Tandberg, then Polycom's biggest competitor, was acquired by Cisco back in October, 2009, and Logitech acquired LifeSize just three weeks later, Polycom emerged from the consolidation chaos as the last pure-play UC, video and voice provider standing. Polycom has since parlayed an ominous...

August 30, 2010  12:08 PM

Technical tips on video conferencing security from Alcatel-Lucent

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
telepresence, UC Security, video conferencing, VoIP security

Image courtesy of Cisco
(Image courtesy of Cisco...

April 20, 2010  5:44 PM

Case study in action: Iceland volcano strands keynote speaker, videoconference comes to the rescue

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
collaboration tools, telepresence, Unifed communications market, video conferencing

It's like clockwork -- anytime there's some weird weather pattern or some other disruptive event, the disaster planning PR kicks into overdrive. Sure enough, my inbox started getting flooded last week about how enterprises can't wait for the next 

March 5, 2010  5:57 PM

Telepresence and the travel industry: If you can’t beat them, join them

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, Tata, telepresence, videoconferencing

The visionaries and the evangelists at vendors like Cisco, Polycom, HP Halo et al would have you believe that the immersive experience of telepresence videoconferencing will eliminate some if not almost all of the need for business travel as the technology is adopted more broadly across the globe....

November 16, 2009  5:15 PM

Videoconferencing consolidation continues: Logitech buys LifeSize

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, LifeSize, Tandberg, telepresence, videoconferencing

Lost in the hoopla from last week's news that HP bought 3Com was a much smaller deal in the high definition (HD) videoconferencing market. PC accessory company Logitech has bought LifeSize Communicaitons, a six-year-old...

October 15, 2009  4:19 PM

Tandberg shareholders to Cisco: Put a bigger diamond on that ring

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, Tandberg, telepresence, video, videoconferencing

Cisco's deal to buy Tandberg could be on ice. When Cisco and Tandberg agreed to their video marriage two weeks ago, the dowry was set at $3 billion. And the deal was contingent upon...

May 27, 2009  6:22 PM

Cisco products: Making life easier on Fox’s 24 and helping Jack Bauer save lives

Posted by: ElaineHom
24, Cisco, telepresence, WebEx

For seven seasons, Jack Bauer has rid the world of hundreds of terrorists, multiple nuclear bombs, and biological threats on Fox's hit show 24. He didn't do it alone -- he had a trusty team of support, including Chloe on tech support, and...

April 29, 2009  8:41 PM

Swine flu: yet another justification for telepresence investment

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
business continuity, Nemertes, telepresence, videoconferencing

John E. Burke, principal analyst over at Nemertes Research has an interesting take on the swine flu hysteria.  It's just another reason why companies should invest in telepresence technologies from Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, HP et al. Burke noted in an email from Nemertes that the flu outbreak...

April 27, 2009  3:11 PM

Tandberg telepresence now interoperates with Polycom telepresence

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Cisco, Interoperability, Polycom, Tandberg, telepresence

Tandberg announced this morning that its telepresence technology is now interoperable with the telepresence technology of its rival Polycom. The interoperability is delivered as a software upgrade to the Tandberg...

April 1, 2009  2:48 AM

Microsoft decides it shouldn’t be in the video conference phone business

Posted by: Shamus McGillicuddy
Microsoft, Polycom, Roundtable, telepresence, video conferencing

When Microsoft introduced its Roundtable phone 2007, it was pretty clear to me that they had a cool device on their hands. The phone has a ring of video cameras on a small turret. It is meant ti sit in a conference room, where it offers a 360-degree view of meeting participants. The phone uses...

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