Uncharted Waters:

October, 2017


October 18, 2017  4:37 PM

A Hard-Core Technical Agile Coach Looks at Froo-Froo Coaching

Matt Heusser Matt Heusser Profile: Matt Heusser
Agile, coaching, Scrum

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October 18, 2017  3:03 PM

Real Process Improvement

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
Agile, Kaizen

Process improvement in software teams seems harder to come by, and sometimes stops altogether, after the first few tries. We see the exact same phenomenon in exercise. Take a person that has never done anything athletic in their life and introduce them to a barbell and a squat rack. For the...

October 12, 2017  2:20 PM

Rethinking The Technical Certification

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman

I have been a pretty staunch opponent of certification in the past. I spent years working as an instructor for a program that dealt in hands on experience. To get through a class, students had to perform tasks, and then debrief on what they did and why with their peers. Assuming a student made it...

October 4, 2017  3:50 PM

Are Open Offices Overrated?

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
Home Office, office

I have worked in offices for about half of my career, and from my home office for the other half. In the early 2000s, cubical farms were still very popular. I remember working at a company that had multiple floors of fairly well thought out cubical pods. They boasted that everyone in the company,...


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