January 15, 2014  12:55 PM

Is holacracy the third coming of Agile?

Posted by: Justin Rohrman
business strategy, reorganization, software, zappos

It looks like Zappos is joined the company wide reorganization bandwagon, but this time it has a new name; holacracy. This new change will...

January 8, 2014  12:29 PM


Posted by: Justin Rohrman
IT, projects

If you want to start a fight on my team, bring up estimates. Just the idea of estimates is a "hot button issue", and I don't think it's just my team.

On any given team, the technical staff are likely sensitive about how their estimates will be used. They have reason to be...

January 1, 2014  8:00 AM

2013 in Review … 2014 Preview!

Posted by: Matt Heusser
career, careers, Digital Migrants, future, independence, integrity

2013 / 2014

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