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May, 2012


May 21, 2012  10:13 PM

What Happens in Vegas — Part II

Posted by: Matt Heusser
integrity, IT

Last time I wrote about the CityTime boondoggle, that spent over $700 million from an initial budget of $68 million, and seemed primarily designed to separate the people of New...

May 17, 2012  9:00 PM

What happens in Vegas Part I

Posted by: Matt Heusser

It's been a crazy couple of...

May 11, 2012  10:21 AM

Beyond Booth Babes at Interop

Posted by: Matt Heusser
extrahop, Interop, IT

LAS VEGAS, NV - With a few hundred booths at interop this year, it's no surprise that some vendors would augment their staff with temporary employees designed to draw the attention of the crowd. Given that IT is something like 90% male, it isn't a huge surprise that many of these are...

May 11, 2012  10:09 AM

Considering Conferences – II

Posted by: Matt Heusser
conferences, IT

A few of us are lucky enough to attend professional conferences ... some aren't so lucky. I spent the last week at INTEROP, in Las Vegas, a conference with an early-bird price of $2,800. Of course, that is before...

May 10, 2012  1:00 PM

Rethinking the service desk – III

Posted by: Matt Heusser
call center, Helpdesk, IT, Service Desk

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