February 24, 2010  5:15 PM

The year of desktop virtualization

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, desktop virtualization, VDI, virtual desktops, virtual infrastructure

When the audience at VMworld 2008 was asked if anyone had virtualized hundreds of desktops, I saw only one person raise his hand. This year, anecdotally, VMware said at its partner show that the majority of its customers are evaluating, testing or rolling out its virtual desktop infrastructure...

October 16, 2009  2:22 PM

Sidekick data and ‘balloon boy’

Posted by: Linda Tucci
Cloud computing, IT management, mobile computing

I was on vacation when the news hit that customers of T-Mobile’s cloud-serviced Sidekick phones had likely lost their data due to a failure of the storage service provided by a company recently acquired by Microsoft, ironically named Danger. So, rather than following the story in real time, I...

September 24, 2009  8:11 PM

How Google and Yahoo improved data center energy efficiency

Posted by: mschlack
data centers, Google, Green IT, power and cooling, Yahoo

Running large data centers is expensive and getting worse. No one knows that more than Google and Yahoo. At a panel on green data centers at MIT’s Emerging Technologies Conference this week, Yahoo’s senior director of data center engineering and operations, Scott Noteboom, described how Yahoo...

September 3, 2009  8:02 PM

Gmail outage raises issue of control

Posted by: Christina Torode
Cloud computing

While talking to an IT director about Google’s Gmail outage yesterday, I realized that it wasn’t so much the outage itself that bothered him (his...

August 6, 2009  8:48 PM

Investigating public cloud could inspire overdue housecleaning

Posted by: Christina Torode
Cloud computing

There were a lot of messages that came out of the recent Burton Group Catalyst conference in San Diego surrounding the public cloud. But one resonated more than others: You need to get a grip on your own assets, meaning what data is stored on what servers and what the real costs of building or...

July 31, 2009  3:08 PM

A disaster recovery plan meets cloud computing

Posted by: Linda Tucci
business continuity, Cloud computing, Disaster recovery

David Shacochis, vice president, research and development at IT provider Savvis Inc., reminded me the other day that there is a big difference between a disaster recovery (DR) plan and business continuity, even...

July 9, 2009  6:37 PM

Data protection in the cloud: What’s good enough?

Posted by: Christina Torode
Cloud computing

CIOs are pretty paranoid when it comes to data protection, and rightly so given they put their job on the line when they recommend a new infrastructure or service approach like cloud computing. I’ve been told many times now by companies providing cloud computing services that their security...

July 8, 2009  2:36 PM

Is Google Chrome OS a turning point or yawner?

Posted by: mschlack
Chrome OS, desktop virtualization, Google, hypervisor

Nothing fuels the tech press like wars. So I have no doubt that we will see an endless string of reports from the battlefield over the next many months on the struggle between Google and Microsoft for world dominance. Wake me up when it’s all over. Google’s announcement of its intention to...

June 29, 2009  7:21 PM

Internet traffic overload: What does it mean for cloud computing services?

Posted by: Christina Torode
Cloud computing

Michael Jackson’s passing and the outpouring of grief and curiosity made its way full force onto the Internet last week, slowing down webmail, news sites and search engines and grinding Twitter to a halt. It made me wonder if customers of cloud computing services are going to start asking what...

June 5, 2009  3:17 PM

Verizon bets reliability beats price in cloud computing

Posted by: mschlack
Amazon, Cloud computing, Verizon

Verizon unveiled their cloud computing offering this week and introduced a new question into the debate over cloud: Which is more important, price or reliability? Carl Brooks runs down Verizon's...

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