September 1, 2011  8:24 PM

A gut check on technology hiring turns out to be a gut wrencher

Posted by: Linda Tucci
IT budgets; IT hiring; CIO, Outsourcing

Come Labor Day, thoughts turn to IT budgets and technology hiring -- or mine do, anyway. So, this week I sent out feelers to CIOs and people who track technology spending and labor statistics. Could they tell me what's happening? With talk of a

August 4, 2011  8:30 PM

Two outsourcing strategy tips for emerging tech, outside the contract

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, Outsourcing, outsourcing contracts

In our tip sheet this week on outsourcing strategies for emerging tech, outsourcing adviser Andy Sealock explains how contracting for new technology is different...

November 13, 2009  3:30 PM

9 IT outsourcing myths, and the outsourcing facts CIOs should consider

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, Conference coverage, IT outsourcing, Outsourcing

When Deloitte LLP turned to IT outsourcing, "the business case was predicated on saving money," said Larry Quinlan, CIO at the professional services firm.

"But now we stay for the value," Quinlan continued. "We think we're getting more out of the...

January 30, 2009  12:20 PM

Layoff survivors (and other gainfully employed IT) unite

Posted by: EditorAnne
IT/business management, Media, Outsourcing, Recession

This sure was a gloomy week. If you subscribe to any regular newsfeeds, your inbox has probably never seen anything like it. My WSJ News Alerts flowed in like a drumbeat of despair:

August 27, 2008  4:21 PM

Dude, the world is getting a Dell

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
Budgeting and cost-cutting, Outsourcing

The slowing U.S. economy has apparently encouraged Dell to reexamine its international growth model. Today, the computer giant

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July 10, 2008  1:55 PM

A view from across the pond

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux

Today, we posted a story on about mitigating risks in your outsourcing contracts. Clearly, it's a topic affecting...


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