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October 5, 2012  3:23 PM

Every little byte helps – teaching tech matters

Posted by: Karen Goulart
Big Data, CIO, CIo job, CIO leadership, CIO role, CIO weekly wrap-up, CIOs, IT careers, IT leadership, IT outsourcing, IT training, Microsoft

What if you had skills so powerful they could change the course of the U.S. economy? You'd try to pass that awesomeness along, right? Well, great news Searchlight readers -- you happen to possess such skills! As you'll see when you go to this week's roundup, volunteer IT...

March 22, 2012  9:22 PM

New study sees cloud service providers as jobs generators

Posted by: Karen Goulart
CIO, Cloud computing, cloud computing adoption, IT outsourcing, IT staffing

As studies are designed to do, this one caught my attention with its exciting-sounding prognostication: Jobs! Plenty of them! All thanks to the cloud! Hurray!  Actually, the title that SAP America Inc. (which commissioned the study) went with was a bit drier: Job Growth in the Forecast:...

August 12, 2011  12:51 PM

HP multivendor outsourcing model only for the rich? Yes, in a way

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, IT outsourcing, multi-vendor outsourcing

The day of the 10-year outsourcing deal, cooked up in the backroom boardroom and conferred to a sole provider on the promise of 10% -- make that 20% --...

December 10, 2010  12:08 PM

Outsourcing vs. insourcing: The line’s not so clear

Posted by: Linda Tucci
insourcing, IT outsourcing

An important part of a CIO's job is understanding which IT functions are best handled by others and which should be kept in-house. But the answer is not always so clear-cut in the

July 15, 2010  4:08 PM

Does IT chargeback pave the way to outsourcing?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, IT chargeback, IT outsourcing, supply and demand model, supply side IT

If your organization is talking about moving to an IT chargeback or a supply and demand model for IT, could that be its first step on the road to outsourcing? That was an interesting sidelight raised by a story I did this week on a company that

March 12, 2010  3:46 PM

ITIL framework and IT outsourcing a formidable duo

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, IT outsourcing, ITIL

I haven't tackled IT Infrastructure Library as a topic in the forefront of any stories of late, but that changed this week as I researched my piece on IT infrastructure outsourcing and how a strong ITIL...

February 24, 2010  8:56 PM

Is it better to work for an outsourcing provider than for corporate IT?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO careers, IT outsourcing, outsourcing provider

Consultant Tom Young has been mulling over the good, the bad and all the ugliness of outsourcing contracts for 13 years, eight of them with the IT advisory firm TPI, where he is managing director of the CIO services and infrastructure group. Before that, he was a financial director at AT&T...

January 15, 2010  3:39 PM

Google in China: Drawing lessons for your IT outsourcing plan

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, IT outsourcing, outsourcing contracts

Google's decision this week to stop cooperating with Chinese government censors -- and, quite likely, pull its business efforts out of China completely -- has lit up...

November 13, 2009  3:30 PM

9 IT outsourcing myths, and the outsourcing facts CIOs should consider

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, Conference coverage, IT outsourcing, Outsourcing

When Deloitte LLP turned to IT outsourcing, "the business case was predicated on saving money," said Larry Quinlan, CIO at the professional services firm.

"But now we stay for the value," Quinlan continued. "We think we're getting more out of the...

October 29, 2009  7:02 PM

An IT outsourcing contract without penalties? A state pays the price

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, IT outsourcing, outsourcing contracts

You hear a lot of analysts, clients and, of course, vendors touting the benefits of IT outsourcing, especially as the U.S. emerges from this economic recession, which the...

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