February 19, 2010  3:48 PM

WordPress problems: Temporary blog failure shows need for DR, BC plans

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
business continuity, CIO, Disaster recovery, vendor management

It's been a week of mea culpas. Following Google's admission that it didn't handle the launch of Google Buzz very well, on...

February 17, 2010  9:34 PM

What business continuity plans? I have a business to run!

Posted by: Linda Tucci
business continuity, CIO

Ahh, the irony! Organizations that have been through some kind of a disaster certainly understand the value of business continuity plans. But for most everybody else? “When you talk about having a plan that could cost $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000, and might sit on a shelf and gather dust, for...

February 16, 2010  8:10 PM

Virtualization aids in disaster recovery when budget is tight

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, Disaster recovery

Many large companies try to maintain hot sites that are in lockstep with the production environment, but this disaster recovery plan isn’t always realistic. Configurations drift, or IT staff simply don’t have the time -- or the budget -- to mirror every aspect of their production...

February 15, 2010  4:56 PM

CIO weekly wrap-up: Google Buzz privacy, Lean methodologies and BPA

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, CIO weekly wrap-up

Why, yes, I am working on President's Day -- are you? When I logged on this morning after a mostly-offline weekend, I discovered that people are still buzzing about privacy issues related to Google...

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February 12, 2010  3:51 PM

Silicon Valley economy: Recession hitting IT hard at its epicenter

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, CIO careers, IT hiring

A few weeks ago, over a delicious dinner of Thai food with my uncle visiting from the Palo Alto area, I went on and on about my job here at and about all the various social media platforms on which my work now relies, including Twitter, LinkedIn and, of...

February 10, 2010  9:24 PM

Beware the dark side of the IT PMO

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, CIO careers, IT PMO

Ten minutes after filing a story on the virtues of an enterprise project management office, I got a call from a CIO I’d gotten to know over the years informing me that he had been fired. On a Friday...

February 9, 2010  5:45 PM

IT staff motivation: HR, tech leaders out of sync

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, IT salaries, IT staff motivation

Sure, there are many IT professionals out there who are happy to just have a job; but as we move into 2010 and enterprises begin to dust off delayed projects, is your IT staff motivated enough to stay? I ask because I just read the

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February 8, 2010  4:51 PM

CIO weekly wrap-up: Super Bowl technology and Google’s advertising

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, CIO weekly wrap-up

Super Bowl Sunday was yesterday, so let the Monday-morning quarterbacking begin! The turning point in the game was the Saints' decision to go for that onsides kick at the beginning of the second half, yes? I don't think the Colts ever recovered. I imagine dissecting the Super Bowl is top of mind...

February 4, 2010  10:11 PM

2009 IT lessons: How did the recession change your IT organization?

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, IT budgets, Technologies

I can't believe it's already February (and thank goodness: I wouldn't have been able to wait much longer for "Lost" to return!). Here at

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February 4, 2010  8:04 PM

Merck, Chevron and BP are touting a new IT management framework

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, IT management

It’s easy to forget how young a discipline IT is, given its enormous presence in our lives. Yesterday, however, that fact was front and center, as I watched the top IT talent at Intel Corp., Merck KGaA, BP PLC and Chevron Corp. talk about raising their “maturity levels.” Brilliant minds, and...

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