February 3, 2011  12:45 PM

What’s Tiger Mom got to do with IT innovation at Chevron?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
Chevron, CIO, IT innovation

In the service of our new series on CIO innovators, I spoke this morning with IT executive Peter Breunig at Chevron Corp. about the American energy company's approach to IT innovation. Chevron is...

January 28, 2011  4:28 PM

Converged infrastructures promise to simplify private clouds

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, converged infrastructure, private clouds

Just when you thought you understood private clouds, along comes converged infrastructure. You wouldn't be wrong to wonder, are they the same thing?

A private...

January 20, 2011  6:50 PM

The enduring value of starting cheap in offshore IT outsourcing

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, offshore IT outsourcing

Being the lowest-cost service provider of offshore IT outsourcing pays off in ways that go beyond being -- well, the lowest-cost IT service provider. Rock-bottom prices attract new customers, who in turn bring capital that improves the infrastructure and, in time, the quality of the outsourcer's...

January 13, 2011  2:57 PM

FUD or foresight? A debate continues over risk in the public cloud

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, public cloud, public cloud risks, risks in the public cloud

The topic of risk in the public cloud elicits a strong emotional reaction from IT executives. In response to one of my recent stories about the WikiLeaks episode, I heard from readers on both...

December 23, 2010  5:45 PM

Post-WikiLeaks computer security measures include hired hackers

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Security

Those of you who find the Wikileaks story fascinating, as I do, might enjoy zooming through Red's Query, a fictional piece of work by technology media executive Eric Lundquist....

December 17, 2010  3:02 PM

WikiLeaks shines a light on corporate security policies

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Security

The WikiLeaks debacle has put a spotlight on the need for better corporate security policies and new technology approaches. But even these safeguards are no guarantee in...

December 15, 2010  8:08 PM

Can the use of social media skew sales forecasts?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, Social media

Best Buy uses social media like a pro, or as professionally as a business can, given the newness of the communication mode. The company's Twelpforce service enlists the...

December 10, 2010  3:53 PM

Budgets, big data and staffing among top CIO concerns

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, data, Virtualization

There's good news for CIOs who need to find a way to do more with less: most IT budgets will stay flat or even increase by as much as 10% in 2011, according to a live survey...

December 10, 2010  12:08 PM

Outsourcing vs. insourcing: The line’s not so clear

Posted by: Linda Tucci
insourcing, IT outsourcing

An important part of a CIO's job is understanding which IT functions are best handled by others and which should be kept in-house. But the answer is not always so clear-cut in the

December 2, 2010  7:19 PM

An old data center infrastructure looks new in a coat of green

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, data centers

Thinking about heading out to Gartner Inc.'s 29th annual Data Center Conference in Las Vegas next week, I'm reminded of how much data center infrastructure has...

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