May 12, 2011  11:06 PM

Do you have that special something of an innovation leader?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, Innovation leader

I'm pretty sure there isn't a CIO around who hasn't asked himself at some point or another if he has what it takes to do the job. Heck, there's probably not a sentient person on the planet who hasn't wondered at times if he is up to the task. On these occasions, our tendency is to look inward for...

May 12, 2011  8:22 PM

Paradox of the day: Secret agent man and open source solutions

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, fbi, open source

Okay, I have a funny story -- and a compelling one.

There I was, sitting in the second row, alone in the small conference room, waiting for a customer panel to begin at Red Hat's summit on open source solutions last week. The five panelists arrived early as well, shook hands with each...

April 29, 2011  11:54 AM

The dirty little secret of data center construction

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, data center construction

Much of the data center construction around the globe is being conducted by purveyors of popular websites like Facebook and Google. These heroes of the Information Age are...

April 22, 2011  2:15 PM

NASA takes off with an open government and cloud infrastructure plan

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing

Don't be surprised if NASA's Nebula cloud becomes the model -- and maybe the mother -- of cloud infrastructure in the U.S. NASA is embarking on an ambitious plan to overhaul its existing data center infrastructure to standardize on open...

April 14, 2011  7:10 PM

Cloud service providers urge lawmakers to postpone legislation

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, Compliance

Only a science fiction writer might have imagined that consumer technologies like smartphones -- coupled with a cloud computing service like Facebook -- would be dissidents' weapons of choice in toppling regimes, as we have seen these last few months in the Middle East.

Facebook, the...

April 13, 2011  7:14 PM

In the cloud, even custom apps will be a commodity

Posted by: Linda Tucci
Application development, CIO, Cloud computing, SaaS

I'll make this short because God knows you've read enough about cloud computing and its software variation, SaaS. This concerns the cloud and custom apps, in particular the proprietary apps and IT systems...

April 8, 2011  4:01 PM

Multi-tenancy leads to risky development on cloud platforms

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, risks

Why buy when you can rent?

It's the new credo among savvy spenders everywhere -- IT shops included. More and more companies are renting space on a cloud (Infrastructure as a Service) or paying for what they use of applications hosted on one (Software as a Service). In either situation,...

April 1, 2011  3:13 PM

Cloudsourcing and lean methodology tap customer input

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, cloudsourcing, Lean

Whether your IT organization is thinking about becoming lean or using cloudsourcing techniques, it all boils down to customer input. After all, they're the...

March 24, 2011  6:24 PM

Perfecting the elevator sales pitch by channeling your inner Hollywood

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, CIO careers, ROI

Why don't a CIO's ideas stick? Your ideas are too complex. They're not spoken in the language of the business. They solve the wrong problem. Customers don't see what's in it for them. Your boss doesn't believe they will work. You come off as a

March 18, 2011  1:16 PM

Disasters both natural and financial challenge technology innovations

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, innovation

When Chris Kemp joined NASA five years ago as its chief technology officer for IT, he was "in awe of how much...

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