December 21, 2011  5:08 PM

Trend without end, ‘IT as a services broker’ will go beyond 2012

Posted by: Karen Goulart
CIO, Cloud computing, hybrid IT, IT as a service, IT services broker

Just as surely as you'll hear that Mariah Carey Christmas song 900 more times between now and Sunday, you're sure to keep running into 2012 prognostications on your daily travels around our family of sites between now and mid-January. Because it's such a cheery time of year, I like to think of...

December 13, 2011  7:11 PM

Application portals for mobile device management are no joke

Posted by: Christina Torode
application portals, CIO, mobile applications, mobile device management

What do a Gartner analyst, a Forrester analyst, the CIO of a group of community colleges, and mobile device management (MDM) vendors have in common? (No, this isn't the setup for a bad joke.) Answer: All four point to the use of application portals to solve a myriad of problems related to the...

December 7, 2011  4:42 PM

Outlook 2012: Monetizing IT

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, IT and business alignment, monetizing IT, Outlook 2012

Opinions about the top trends for the coming year are starting to trickle into my inbox. Most of these "Outlook 2012" predictions are about the certainty of economic uncertainty. I know,...

December 1, 2011  9:49 PM

Will an IT services organization put CIOs back in the basement?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, IT as a business, IT services organization

Something I heard about IT services organizations has been rattling around in my brain this week. I was interviewing a CIO-turned-analyst for a story about the value of giving IT employees “

November 29, 2011  10:49 PM

A strong BYOD policy should be SOP

Posted by: Karen Goulart
IT staff development and retention, Leadership and strategic planning, Mobile technology

For a few years now, stories, studies and surveys have been heralding the arrival of the next-generation workforce. Lately, though, the commentary is...

November 18, 2011  3:28 PM

Two IT gurus face off on value of enterprise architecture frameworks

Posted by: Linda Tucci
application integration, CIO, Cloud computing, enterprise architecture, enterprise architecture frameworks, ERP

Who says enterprise architecture frameworks are worse than useless? Vivek Kundra, that's who. The former CIO of the United States made a blistering case against enterprise architecture in his keynote at the 43rd Society for Information Management (SIM) meeting this week. It came in a talk on his...

November 16, 2011  5:52 PM

Social BPM pushes process out to users, customers

Posted by: Christina Torode
BPM, business process management, business processes, CIO, social BPM

Social business process management, or social BPM, promises to address the age-old problem of having a small group of business analysts or technicians create business processes, only to get pushback from frontline users.

The team has good intentions, but the people actually...

November 8, 2011  8:42 PM

Technology staffing gap causes alarming predictions

Posted by: Christina Torode
CIO, CIO role, IT careers, IT staffing, technology staffing

There are some worrisome predictions swirling around technology staffing, or a lack thereof. Gartner Inc. predicts that because of technology staffing shortfalls, three out of 10 Global 2000 companies will miss their public business targets for "growth that is driven by information and...

November 4, 2011  1:20 PM

How does the relationship between the CFO and CIO actually work?

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CFO and CIO relationship, CIO

I don't know many CIOs for whom the company's CFO does not loom large. People responsible for what is often the business's single largest capital expense don't fly under the radar of the CFO, no matter whom

October 31, 2011  9:07 PM

A cloud computing strategy requires a good offense and defense

Posted by: Karen Goulart
CIO, Cloud computing, cloud computing adoption, cloud computing strategy, cloud services, SaaS, shadow IT

A discussion among the CIOs at the recent Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) summit on cloud computing strategies got me thinking about Eleanor...

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