June 20, 2014  4:12 PM

The costs of payment card data breaches could include your job

Fran Sales Fran Sales Profile: Fran Sales
Amazon, C-suite, CIO, CISO, cybersecurity, Data breach, FCC, Hackers, ISP, Netflix, Smart Device, Target data breach

By now, everyone and their mother knows about the massive financial damage that payment card data breaches wreak upon companies and their consumers, in the form of replacing credit cards, credit monitoring, lawsuits and lost business. Target, for example, may end up incurring a staggering total...

June 13, 2014  6:31 PM

Fulltime IT hiring is in; CIOs who can’t manage change are on the way out

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

Job growth for IT professionals is going strong this year. According to an analysis by Foote Partners of the Bureau of Labor Statistics U.S. employment report, 15,600 more IT jobs were added to U.S. payrolls in May -- the fourth consecutive month of strong job growth. The numbers also showed a...

June 13, 2014  4:30 PM

Tweetdeck’s XSS bug: Murphy’s Law writ large

Fran Sales Fran Sales Profile: Fran Sales
Algorithms, CIO, Google Glass, Smartwatch, twitter, Xss, XSS attack

When we sat down with Patrick Gilmore, CTO of data center services provider Markley Group, at last month's MIT CIO symposium and asked him what his biggest IT challenge was, we never expected "Murphy's Law." But the answer makes unequivocal sense. In an ideal world, IT managers would be able to...

June 6, 2014  8:28 PM

What standout CIOs have in common? A passion for IT

Fran Sales Fran Sales Profile: Fran Sales
Apple, Artificial intelligence, CIO, CIO leadership, Health IT, Healthcare, IT leadership, MIT, Programming, Robotics, Startups

Hearing the personal stories of this year's batch of MIT Sloan's CIO Leadership Award finalists, whom SearchCIO had the good fortune to feature in our conference video series, had me in awe. What sparked their interest in IT leadership? Associate editor...

June 5, 2014  9:24 PM

A social media contrarian speaks out on the limited value of tweet analytics

Nicole Laskowski Nicole Laskowski Profile: Nicole Laskowski

A customer loyalty or a customer service department may not be the most "analytically inclined" departments within a business, but they may have some of the best data. That's according to Tom H.C. Anderson, consumer insights expert and...

June 4, 2014  4:44 PM

Study: Rogue cloud services up the chance of a data breach three-fold

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

A study released today by cloud security startup Netskope reinforces what CIOs already know: Your business users are using a ton of cloud apps, many of which are unknown to your IT...

May 30, 2014  9:59 PM

Fog computing: paradigm shift or same old, same old?

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

It might be time for CIOs to get their heads out of the cloud. Or almost time? Many experts seem to think that in the future, computing and storage of data will happen closer to the ground in the "fog" -- by necessity. Objects and things that never had a technological component soon will. By 2020,...

May 30, 2014  5:31 PM

Apple-Beats deal, Google, put spotlight on IT talent, diversity

Fran Sales Fran Sales Profile: Fran Sales
Apple, CIO, CIO innovation, Google, IT talent, Wearable devices

If there's one thing CIOs should take away from this week's technology acquisition news, cutting-edge technology -- while certainly key -- is only one piece of the IT puzzle. As this week's...

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May 24, 2014  1:08 AM

IoT: necessary for success but flawed

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

With the Internet of Things (IoT) the sky is the limit for CIOs; just be smart and don't fly too close to the sun, warned a panel of...

May 23, 2014  8:07 PM

Going digital? Be bold, be agile and silence social networking silos

Fran Sales Fran Sales Profile: Fran Sales
Chief Digital Officer, CIO, CIO leadership, CMO, Digital disruption, Social networking

Digital technology is rapidly evolving -- how will enterprises ever catch up? And who should lead the charge? Those were the top-of-mind questions for every IT executive who attended the 11th MIT Sloan CIO Symposium,

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