April 15, 2014  11:49 PM

Treating data as an asset gives a leg up on the competition

Posted by: Nicole Laskowski
BI, CIO, Gartner

Looking for a competitive advantage? Look no further than your own data. "Every organization has information that's worth more [by] sharing [it] than keeping it for itself," Frank Buytendijk, an analyst at Gartner, said at the recent

April 14, 2014  8:16 PM

Two CTOs talk the power of un-persuasion in promoting value of IT

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, data visualization tools, IT Strategy, Landmark CIO Summit 2014, value of IT

Show, don't tell, is a lesson we all learned in high school English class. (The only spell Macbeth is under is his unseemly ambition….Evidence?!!? C-) At the Landmark CIO Summit in New York last week, CTO Abe Cytryn of Time Inc. and CTO Rajiv Pant of The New York Times...

April 11, 2014  8:51 PM

Hearts aflutter as ‘Heartbleed bug’ threatens personal information security

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO, security concerns, Social media, social networking

This post was written by Fran Sales, SearchCIO's associate editor. This week, media outlets (and all my friends and coworkers) have been abuzz with news and speculation about the so-called Heartbleed bug, an OpenSSL security flaw that has existed in as many as two-thirds of (

April 8, 2014  6:07 PM

Seven not-so-obvious roles your analytics pro will have to play

Posted by: Nicole Laskowski

What skills do CIOs and IT leaders either need to develop or bring in-house to take on big data and advanced analytics? According to Carol Rozwell, that question isn't necessarily the best place to start. "We should begin with the problems we're trying to...

April 4, 2014  6:17 PM

High-frequency trading and technology-enabled competitive advantage

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux

If you ask me, some of the best moments of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show are his interviews with journalists. In his unofficial role as a media critic for the millennial set, Stewart usually draws out the best in reporters looking to tell the stories behind the stories -- and his interview...

April 2, 2014  7:48 PM

Getting started: Five key big data analytics decisions to consider

Posted by: Nicole Laskowski
big data analytics, CIO

LAS VEGAS -- Analytics and big data will soon transition from a supporting role to the center stage. Together, according to more than one speaker at the 

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March 28, 2014  7:32 PM

With Office for iPad, Nadella says he’s ‘going where customers are going’ Good luck!

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, data analytics, iPads, IT consumerization, IT organization of the future; cloud computing; services broker

Yesterday Microsoft officially launched Office for iPad, making its familiar superheroes of the office productivity suite -- Word! Excel! PowerPoint! -- available on Apple's iPad. When the news broke, I was in Boston's Back Bay at the Harvard Club at the

March 21, 2014  8:24 PM

Data overload – not everything is worthy of analysis

Posted by: Karen Goulart

Enough is enough, people. Just because companies want to hoard every last bit of minutiae about your life doesn't mean you have to do it as well.  This week's lead Searchlight item looks at "lifelogging," part of the so-called Quantified Self movement. Know yourself through...

March 14, 2014  7:00 PM

Is the obsession with appification hurting tech?

Posted by: Karen Goulart

Yes, we get it. There's an app for that. And that. And even that. The appification of everything is where it's at. The kids love the apps. And the slightly older kids love making them. Where app making is concerned, the talent -- and the venture capital -- flows like champagne at a startup launch....

March 7, 2014  10:11 PM

Get your digital strategy out of the 1800s

Posted by: Karen Goulart

This week's Searchlight -- live from the Fusion 2014 CEO-CIO Symposium in Madison, Wis. -- asks the question: How can you expect to move your company forward when your methods are stuck in the days of the Industrial Revolution? Businesses follow strategies for decades upon decades because they...

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