April 12, 2013  4:27 PM

Creativity is wasted without strategy for managing innovation

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

The people on your team seemed to be brimming with creativity when you hired them. So why aren’t all these great ideas translating to innovation in your organization? Perhaps it’s because you’ve overlooked the importance of a strategy for managing innovation. As the author of this week’s lead Searchlight item points out, creativity and innovation are two different things. Creativity begets innovation, but ideas don’t come to fruition without some guidance.  Also this week: teens tire of Facebook, the next killer mobile app and more.

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Now if only someone could create an innovative way to represent managing innovation...

Now if only someone could create an innovative way to represent managing innovation…

April 10, 2013  4:38 PM

Data-crunching doesn’t always paint a full picture

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

What do Albert Pujols and Pablo Picasso have in common? Well, they both feature prominently in this week’s Searchlight which questions the idea of applying Moneyball –style analytics to non-ball-related occupations. Also this week: Amazon may may end Dropbox dominance, cyber attacks on telephony make a comeback, what to expect from Facebook Home and more.

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It's OK, I guess. But what's his OBP?

It’s OK, I guess. But what’s his OBP?

March 29, 2013  7:34 PM

Amazon expands empire to social networking

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

The old saying goes that you can’t be all things to all people. But Amazon is sure as heck gonna try.  In this week’s Searchlight, the king of digital disruption shows how it’s done. With the acquisition of social networking site Goodreads Amazon is not only bolstering its tried and true book business it’s making itself nearly all things to all internet using people. Oh, and likely beating down the competition in the process. Also this week: why the Spamhaus DDoS attack is worth worrying over, a data-loving skeptic’s look at unstructured data and more.

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Bet a pile of e-readers wouldn’t look this pretty. Take that, Kindle!

March 22, 2013  4:56 PM

Data-driven world may take us down a dangerous road

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Just about everyone who has a computer has, at one time or another, left a comment online. Be it a simple “congrats!” under a wedding snapshot or an angry mini-rant about poor restaurant service, for some this opinion sharing has become second nature. For the most part it’s harmless — sometimes annoying or mean-spirited — but harmless. In some instances it helps businesses know what they’re doing wrong (or right), which is a good thing, right? But what if it goes to another level? What if folks start commenting on actual humans? This week’s lead Searchlight items looks at this question and what it might mean for the future of work, especially in light of the growing popularity of on-demand services. Also this week: the hot new job in big data, debunking depulication myths and more.

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facebook thumb no like

Oh, great. I don’t suppose I get any sort of severance package?

March 15, 2013  8:15 PM

Don’t forget to count yourself among data analytics tools

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

When it comes to making big business decisions, data analytics tools are great to have in your arsenal. But as the lead item in this week’s Searchlight reminds us there is one tool IT leaders shouldn’t overlook amid the big data hype — their own guts. There are many reasons one becomes a leader and high on that list is knowing when to follow an instinct born from the culmination of all that’s been learned on the job and in life. Even in the compared to the vastness of big data, that’s no small thing. Also this week: why you need to put a little FUN in BYOD, exposing project managment’s “dirty little secret” and more.

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Wow, look at all those good answers!

March 8, 2013  8:52 PM

As cybersecurity takes the spotlight, CIOs need to step up

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

From the breakout sessions to the lounges to the main stage, at this week’s Fusion CEO/CIO Symposium in Madison, Wis., privacy and cybersecurity were on nearly everyone’s mind. Recent high-profile hacks have brought some much-needed attention to the importance of securing our networked world. Top security experts, former White House CIO Theresa Payton and retired Obama Administration cybersecurity coordinator Howard Schmidt agree the time is now for CIOs and CISOs to step up and do what needs to be done while everyone is still listening — and before it’s too late. In this week’s Searchlight, you’ll find some good examples of why this is so, along with some “lighter fare” on BYOD, IT consumers and more.

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This probably won’t work.

March 1, 2013  8:14 PM

The ballyhoo over Yahoo’s telecommuting ban

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

It’s a business decision. That’s all it is. Sure, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision to pull the plug on telecommuting touches on many other work/life issues, but the bottom line is that it was a business decision. It would be nice to think she would emerge as some kind of champion for working mothers everywhere (and hey, she still could, it’s only been a few months). But for now she’s a CEO running a flailing business, doing the sorts of things CEOs tend to do in these situations — shaking things up, popularity be damned. And in this week’s Searchlight you’ll see I’m not alone in this opinion. Also this week, the Searchlight shines upon major (and majorly cool) innovation at MIT, curious cracks in your cybersecurity armor and more.

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His fellow Yahoo workers are in for a surprise when they finally meet Sheldon face to face.

February 22, 2013  3:57 PM

Some extra compensation could prompt innovation

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Big tech companies like Apple and Facebook are accustomed to encouraging and fostering IT innovation among their employees and getting results. This week’s Searchlight finds the leaders of some of those businesses are turning their attentions — and their coffers — to areas outside their walls that could use an innovative boost. The Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize is the collective effort of some top names in tech (Zuckerberg and Levinson, to name two) to encourage research biologists to develop cures to diseases and find answers to tough life-science questions. Why? Because they think it will help and they have the means. What a concept! Also this week, read about cyberattacks on the rise and tips on being a leader folks want to follow.

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Now that you mention it, I do believe I could think a little harder.

February 15, 2013  8:58 PM

It’s time to roll the dice with social networking

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Attention, businesses that aren’t actively making use of social networking sites and tools: Go directly to obscurity, do not pass Go, do not collect market share. For you see, Monopoly game maker Hasbro has proved you you don’t have to be particularly cool or cutting edge to win over the social media masses. This week’s Searchlight looks at how the company drummed up major publicity with a simple, well-executed bit of outreach to fans of its property-buying board game, and SAP’s Oliver Bussman explains why CIOs like himself ought to care. Also this week, you’ll find out how the the White House is making it easier to complain about the state of the union, why President Obama’s cybersecurity executive order is friendlier to your privacy than the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and more.

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Is this the Monopoly: Journalist Edition? The coffee and laptop say yes, the presence of money indicates otherwise.

February 8, 2013  4:58 PM

BYOD has a long life ahead of it

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Cruising around the Web this week, I happened upon one of those stories that you just know can’t be serious. I don’t mean that in an Onion-y way, more of a the-writer-is-doing-this-to-get-attention way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that — headlines are supposed to grab the reader. But this one just seemed too outlandish — it questioned whether bring your own device (BYOD) wasn’t already dying.  I must admit it made me think. The first thing I thought was “no.” As for my other thoughts, well I’m going to employ another old media “trick” and insist that you click the Searchlight link to find out. (If you do, you’ll also find this week’s roundup includes links to  interesting items on data mining, social media and more.)

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