November, 2010


November 30, 2010  10:26 PM

Social bots by 2015, and other technology predictions from Gartner

Posted by: Linda Tucci
2011 technology predictions, Social bots, Social media

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us. Time to bring out the 2011 technology predictions. Hot off the presses from the Gartner research files are the consultancy's top...

November 24, 2010  3:47 PM

Talk like a CFO and give your CIO career a boost

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CFO, CIO, Leadership and strategy

Every C-position has its own argot, its own turn of phrase. CEOs are addicted to sports analogies and fighting words. A CIO career requires constant tactical maneuvers, as...

November 18, 2010  10:09 PM

ISVs’ software licensing agreements bend with the times

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, on-demand licensing, SaaS, software licensing agreements, subscription pricing model

Enterprises might not be rushing headlong into the public cloud -- indeed, most experts believe the infrastructure of the future will be a hybrid cloud -- but savvy CIOs are taking a page from the public...

November 18, 2010  5:36 PM

Time will tell if social media platforms will work at work

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, enterprise collaboration, Social media, social media platforms, social software, Web 2.0

An army of technology vendors is scrambling to sell you enterprise social media platforms, as I discovered in my reporting for a pair of stories on this week on

November 12, 2010  2:57 PM

IT metrics, measurements and monitoring: It’s all about the numbers

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, cloud performance metrics, IT metrics, monitoring tools

A little while ago, I asked the CIO of a multinational distributor of electronics equipment what he most needed to read about. His answer? Application monitoring.

It's an area ripe for development, as I discovered this week while looking into

November 10, 2010  8:49 PM

In the absence of spreadsheet management, horror lurks

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, IT risk, spreadsheets

Is the spreadsheet dead? Has the cockroach been eradicated? A half-billion people use Excel....

November 5, 2010  1:29 PM

‘Trucknet’ to what’s next for cloud data delivery: WAN accelerators

Posted by: 4Laura
CIO, Cloud computing, WAN

The idea of a FedEx truck picking up your data for transport to a cloud provider might elicit either chuckles or groans, depending on your point of view. It's one solution to a bandwidth crunch, but what enterprises really need for enterprise-to-cloud deployments are wide area network (WAN)...

November 3, 2010  5:39 PM

The eyes have it: CIOs need video content management — now!

Posted by: Linda Tucci
CIO, video, video content management

I am entertained by a good video as much as anyone, I dare say, especially those made by a close relative in the science field, and any number of YouTube hits as well (for example,


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