February, 2009


February 27, 2009  5:25 PM

IT disaster recovery plans that work (with a bit of improvising)

Posted by: EditorAnne

It’s always refreshing to hear about a company that had to put its IT disaster recovery plan into action and comes out the other side having faced unexpected challenges with valor – and...

February 19, 2009  9:39 PM

Qualities of a good leader in a recession: Your view?

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
Leadership and strategic planning

A story on this week about eight qualities of a good leader during a recession included a lot of leadership advice for IT professionals. While I was doing the interviews for this piece, a...

February 16, 2009  3:08 PM

CIO weekly wrap-up: IT budgets in 2009, more NAC, data protection tips

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux

Happy Presidents Day! If you're in the office today (or even if you're not), check out the latest stories from

Economic downturn hits IT...

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February 13, 2009  4:42 PM

IT centralization grows as approach to IT consolidation

Posted by: EditorAnne

Of interest to me this week: stories of how CIOs are approaching IT consolidation not just in the data center, but also in their organizations. It’s no surprise that flat or reduced budgets impel a leader to look at roles and processes to find efficiencies, and often, when you’ve already done...

February 9, 2009  4:14 PM

CIO weekly wrap-up: SaaS contracts, vendor management, data protection

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO weekly wrap-up

Welcome back, readers! This past week at, we covered desktop virtualization, Software as a Service (SaaS) contract negotiations, IT vendor management offices and data protection services and strategies. Check out the full stories below!

February 6, 2009  2:29 PM

Desktop virtualization tradeoffs and benefits: What did I miss?

Posted by: Christina Torode

A couple of recent stories, "VDI vs. fat clients: The tradeoffs," and "Virtual...

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February 5, 2009  5:32 PM

Have some unbillable hours? Make time for IT education and training

Posted by: Linda Tucci
IT training, Legal profession, Recession

Will the economic recession result in an uptick in IT education and training? That seems to be the case at some high-powered New York law firms, where attorneys with unbillable hours on their hands are showing an increased interest in how their IT systems work. Karen Levy, director of global...

February 4, 2009  3:42 PM

Economic recession to spur ‘dramatic increase’ in cybercrime

Posted by: Linda Tucci
cybercrime, economic recession

Bad times always bring a rise in crime. But this economic recession is setting us up for a wave of cybercrime. The broken economy, combined with increased digitization as retail and operations move online and ever-more sophisticated hackers, means more data is more vulnerable than ever....

February 4, 2009  3:06 PM

Welcome to the ‘new’ TotalCIO blog for enterprise CIOs

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux

Well, it's not entirely new -- you can still rely on us for the collaboration, information and opinion we've provided all along to enterprise CIOs, both on TotalCIO and But our blog for enterprise CIOs is now being housed in a different...

February 2, 2009  12:24 PM

CIO weekly wrap-up: NAC case study, virtual desktops vs. fat clients

Posted by: Rachel Lebeaux
CIO weekly wrap-up

How great was last night's Super Bowl? I wasn't particularly rooting for either team, but it was a heck of a game. Who else is feeling a little overtired and overstuffed this morning, though? I know I am. As you recover, check out the most recent stories from

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