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February 7, 2011  6:31 PM

Content is again king — but in a less cool, grown-up business way

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AOL, Comcast, Google, NBC, online content, OTT, portals, Yahoo

There are some new indications that the momentum of the web is shifting more decisively toward content, but not in the simplistic “content is king” sense. What’s happening is a combination of fairly complicated and interrelated shifts, and these are gradually changing the way the online...

October 14, 2010  12:03 PM

AOL/Yahoo acquisition — out of place in social networking world

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AOL, mergers and acquisitions, Social networking, Yahoo

The rumor that AOL and some private equity firms have been in talks with Yahoo regarding an acquisition seems to be most rooted in the Wall Street Journal, but some insiders tell us that it’s...

March 9, 2009  1:33 PM

Yahoo’s best strategy for success, but does it know?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
email, Google, over-the-top, Yahoo

Yahoo may be staring its path to success in the face, but may or may not recognize it. The Yahoo Zimbra paid email system is outstripping Google (including Gmail and Google Apps) and most other webmail systems, too.


January 15, 2009  1:03 AM

Online developments at AOL and Yahoo

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AOL, Google, Microsoft, search, Yahoo

Big news in the online game: AOL is creating a new division and Yahoo has finally found a new CEO. The AOL move creates MediaGlow, which is formed of two groups—Platform A for advertising and People Networks focused on social media. Yahoo has selected Carol Bartz, formerly of Autodesk, in a...

December 5, 2008  2:15 PM

Yahoo still looking at deals

Posted by: Tom Nolle
mergers and acquisitions, Microsoft, Online advertising, Yahoo

Yahoo’s board may be looking inside itself for the next CEO, hoping to get someone who can manage the company effectively without a learning curve, as well as someone who can deal with Yang, who is expected to be a difficult partner to any new CEO. Yahoo is also still considering an AOL deal,...

November 24, 2008  3:21 PM

Yahoo’s Yang steps down

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo

Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, an icon in the search business and a focus of shareholder angst after refusing the Microsoft deal earlier this year, is stepping down as CEO. The move is not a surprise, given that it now appears that there is no way shareholders could hope to recover what they lost when...

November 17, 2008  1:43 PM

What are Yahoo’s options?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Microsoft, tech market, venture capital, Yahoo

November 17 2008 regarding Yahoo.
The Economist has said in print what most people probably have been thinking: Jerry Yang must go. Their criticism is very much our own. Yang and Decker have not developed any meaningful strategy to replace the Microsoft deal they opposed. In fact,...


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