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December 21, 2007  2:36 PM

RIM Profits Show High-End Handsets Gaining Strength

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, Wireless broadband, Wireless handsets

RIM reported doubling of profit and revenue as its Blackberry sales exploded, magnifying the gulf between the handset vendors and the network equipment vendors in the mobile space. The challenge of course is that handsets are a consumer fad and mobile networks are long-lived infrastructure that...

December 12, 2007  5:07 PM

AT&T feels open wireless pressure

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, Wireless broadband

AT&T has semi-affirmed an open wireless strategy, not going as far as Verizon but clearly going far enough to show that it feels the pressure. The company notes that GSM phones are compatible across networks through a SIM card, which offers some handset portability, but falls short of the...

November 13, 2007  3:36 PM

Google cellphone software announcement disappoints

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, Wireless broadband

Google made its expected mobile announcement, but in an unexpected way. The company announced it was developing a free cellphone software package designed to move cellphones from voice instruments to portable terminals on the web, through what Google calls the "Open Handset Alliance."  The Google...

November 1, 2007  1:53 PM

Bad Sprint Nextel Earnings Raise Acquisition Questions

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, WiMAX, Wireless broadband

Sprint Nextel has turned in another bad quarter with net dropping by 77%. The problem appears to be the loss of high-spend customers who prefer the coverage of rivals AT&T and Verizon. Sprint was perhaps the largest of the wireless carriers to rely on low-quality, bad-credit customers for...

October 30, 2007  2:04 AM

The wisdom of Google over the top “gPhone”?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, Security, Wireless broadband

Google is reportedly ready to announce its "gPhone" plan, which is a part of Google's grand strategy to force wireless operators to open up to over-the-top services. The new phone will reportedly be "open" to the point where applications and services cannot be restricted. This means that if users...

October 19, 2007  1:29 AM

WiMAX revolution could be compromised

Posted by: Tom Nolle
WiMAX, Wireless broadband

USA Today is reporting that the WiMAX revolution is about to happen, which in one extent we believe is correct. WiMAX is definitely going to be a major force in the market in 2009 and beyond, but it is also likely to be at the cusp of a major issue with broadband wireless, which is how to...

October 12, 2007  8:58 PM

New Spec for Voice over Cable

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cabling, voice, Wireless broadband

CableLabs is releasing a new version of the PacketCable specification used for voice services over cable. The 2.0 release will include support for business features and also support for IMS-based FMC, presumably to support either a cable company push into wireless or an MVNO relationship with a...

October 8, 2007  12:45 PM

Rumored Google WiFi/3G Portable Unit

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Wi-Fi, Wireless broadband

Google continues to drive speculation that it will launch a mobile device, less likely to be a handset than to be something more content-friendly and thus more a portable unit. The speculation we've heard most recently is that the platform will be larger than an iPhone and will work both with WiFi...

October 1, 2007  3:00 PM

Nokia considering GPS acquisition

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Wi-Fi, Wireless broadband

Nokia is in discussions to purchase Navteq, a leading company in GPS and mapping software for navigation. The move is certainly linked to the increased interest in building GPS navigation capabilities into high-end phones, and this is we think an important indicator that the mobile operators and...

September 21, 2007  7:48 PM

Nokia WiFi handset lacks UMTS and 3G capabilities

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Wi-Fi, Wireless broadband

September 21 2007: Nokia has become the latest in a crowd that is releasing WiFi handsets that lack UMTS or high-speed 3G capability. As we have noted, the multimodal handsets are both a potential positive in that they may be promoting FMC options and offering some symbiosis...

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