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Wireless broadband

April 9, 2009  1:50 PM

FCC’s national broadband plan: Inquiry process begins

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, FCC, national broadband plan, Regulations, universal access, Wireless broadband

The FCC has issued a Notice of Inquirymon developing a national broadband plan as required by Congress.

The NOI seeks comment on how to achieve universal access, how to...

April 8, 2009  1:41 PM

Government-sponsored broadband: Hard track record to overcome

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, broadband stimulus package, FCC, Regulations, WiFi, Wireless broadband

You’d think that municipal and state governments in the U.S. were drinking too much Fosters. Many of them are looking actively at applying for some of the broadband stimulus dollars to create government networks for their citizens, following the same model as Australia but on a smaller...

April 4, 2009  2:45 AM

Clearwire to deploy “developer sandbox”

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Cisco, Clearwire, Google, Intel, LTE, WiMAX, Wireless broadband

Clearwire is going to deploy a WiMAX “sandbox” network in Silicon Valley, supported in part by Google, Intel, and Cisco. Each of the backers has its own motives here, of...

March 4, 2009  12:50 PM

Wireless operations costs explode with 4G complexity

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, IMS, standards, wireless, Wireless broadband

Even in the wireless space, network operators are becoming concerned about the growth (nay, explosion) of operations cost arising out of the complexity of their networks. In a recent interview, AT&T...

February 23, 2009  3:10 PM

Nielson mobile survey: Caveats on the results

Posted by: Tom Nolle
GPS, smartphones, Tellabs, wireless, Wireless broadband

A mobile Internet survey conducted by Nielson for Tellabs shows that consumers consider it a necessity, and that almost three of four users expect to use the...

December 22, 2008  3:03 PM

China to invest $40 billion in 3G network

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capital expense, Huawei, Internet, Network equipment, Wireless broadband

China will likely invest at least $40 billion in a faster 3G network based on China’s own TD-SCDMA, which differs from the international standards. The investment is expected to benefit primarily Chinese manufacturers. This may be an indicator that some major economies will spend to support...

December 9, 2008  6:59 PM

Telecom spending 2009 – major cuts not evident

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capital expense, Wireless broadband

Both publications and research companies are jumping on a story that telecom is headed for a major slump, but we believe they are all seeing too many shadows at least for the present.

In our research, we have not found any concrete spending cuts from telcos, nor any major concerns that a...

December 1, 2008  3:00 PM

FCC to address free wireless

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FCC, IP services, Mobile, Wireless broadband

The FCC is expected to take up the issue of a free wireless Internet service, must-carry rules, and other pending issues in December, the last meeting in which Republicans will be in control. The wireless Internet issue has been the most visible of the group to be discussed. The industry clearly...

October 14, 2008  12:24 AM

Spectrum auction has free wireless Internet conditions

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FCC, IP advertising, mobile data, Wireless broadband

The FCC has cleared the way for auction of spectrum that would be conditional on providing free wireless Internet service. The move has been controversial because most in the FCC believe that there is no way to make such a service work.

Other attempts at free or low-cost wireless...

October 8, 2008  3:30 PM

WiMax needs “lifestyle” purpose to make it

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, Integrated devices, Intel, Mobile, WiMAX, Wireless broadband

At WiMAX World, panelists sparred with attendees over questions of when WiMAX would become more than another access technology, and this is what we believe the major question is for WiMAX. If the technology is simply another way to get on the Internet from a phone or PC, it is threatened by...

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