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May 19, 2009  2:31 PM

AT&T storage service based on the cloud

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, Cloud computing, EMC, Storage

AT&T and EMC are partnering to offer cloud storage service based on the EMC Atmos product set. The offering is called

May 19, 2009  1:27 AM

Cisco expands UCS to carrier market

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Cloud computing, service delivery platform

Cisco, to no one’s surprise, has expanded its Unified Computing System (UCS) positioning to the service provider market, taking advantage of the interest of operators in cloud...

April 29, 2009  8:14 PM

DOJ opens Google publishing deal inquiry

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Department of Justice, digital media, Google, Obama Administration

The DoJ is opening an anti-trust inquiry into Google’s settlement with authors and book publishers, a deal whose execution was delayed by an...

April 27, 2009  4:07 PM

Envisioning a new Internet architecture

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing, Internet infrastructure, Ipv4, IPv6

The Pouzin Society is a new group being created to rethink the notion of a global online network; “the Internet.” The early material suggests that the body is already thinking of concepts that seem to elevate the Internet from a transport/connection...

April 21, 2009  11:22 AM

VMware virtual infrastructure sparks vendor positioning flurry

Posted by: Tom Nolle
blade servers, data center, Virtualization

The next version of VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure, named vSphere 4.0, was announced with a flurry of high-level endorsements from Cisco, Dell, Intel and EMC.


April 4, 2009  2:45 AM

Clearwire to deploy “developer sandbox”

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Cisco, Clearwire, Google, Intel, LTE, WiMAX, Wireless broadband

Clearwire is going to deploy a WiMAX “sandbox” network in Silicon Valley, supported in part by Google, Intel, and Cisco. Each of the backers has its own motives here, of...

April 2, 2009  12:56 PM

Hosting UC in the cloud: Not only for the enterprise

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing, servers telecom, Siemens, UC, unified communications

In his VoiceCon keynote, Siemens CEO O’Neill announced a deal to run Siemens OpenScape software on the Amazon EC2 cloud. The move is a very important step in our view...

March 25, 2009  1:56 PM

New cloud computing Advisor Planners’ Briefing available

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing

CIMI Corp. has completed a new TMT Advisor Planners’ Briefing on the models (and illusions) associated with cloud computing. Those interested in receiving it, and subsequent briefings, should send an email to

March 25, 2009  1:44 PM

Amazon EC2, cloud computing and the enterprise

Posted by: Tom Nolle
cloud architecture, Cloud computing, enterprise networking, SaaS, Software as a Service

Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) is gaining some traction as the framework for software vendors to offer software-as-a-service (SaaS). This is no...

March 23, 2009  3:41 PM

Internet free ride wins “unrealistic” prize

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capex, Cloud computing, Internet, Internet adversiting, over-the-top

The Economist is sounding a warning that we’re resonating with (because we’ve sounded it too). The most recent issue points out that Internet companies and...

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