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June 27, 2008  2:21 PM

AT&T U-verse to Trial 2 High-Def Streams

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, Video

AT&T is about to begin a trial roll-out of a U-verse service that could deliver two HD streams at once, something that hasn’t worked up to now. There are several ways in which AT&T is looking at this, one through increasingly aggressive compression and the other through upspeeding the...

April 1, 2008  1:39 PM

RF over Glass: Cable’s answer to telco FTTH

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cabling, FTTH, Triple play services, Video

The cable companies are taking the threat of FiOS seriously and promoting technologies that are more suitable for deep fiber and FTTH in their own plants. The activity is concentrated in what is called “RFoG” or RF over Glass, meaning mechanisms to perform the opto-electrical transformation...

February 29, 2008  2:19 PM

Cablevision reduces capex, ups FiOS competition

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, Cabling, Verizon, Video

Cablevision reported better numbers, best of the major cable TV providers, and a sharp reduction in capex. Capex as a percent of revenues has dropped from over 16% (about what the US RBOCs spend) through 13% to slightly more than 11%. All of this suggests that the firm is taking a price-war model...

February 22, 2008  2:30 PM

Google video ad trials – the clueless approach

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Online advertising, Video

Google has launched a trial of its controversial banner-add-on-video strategy, and we believe the step shows the extent to which the online content ad process is detuned from market reality. The approach has continually been shown to be offensive to viewers of video, far more so than the...

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