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December 18, 2008  2:29 PM

Over-the-top players: A race to the bottom

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Google, mergers and acquisitions, network monetization, Next Generation Networks, service delivery platform, third-party platforms, venture capital, Web 2.0

One of the forgotten truths of the current economic crisis is that while telcos worldwide will certainly be deferring some projects and obsessing even more about monetization, their competitors are likely to be even more concerned. The guys at the greatest risk, in fact, are the darlings of the...

December 4, 2008  2:53 PM

Network spending forecasts: Where’s the logic?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capital expense, IP convergence, IP transformation, Networking, tech market, venture capital

UBS and other Wall Street research firms are issuing fairly dire forecasts on tech and network spending in 2009. UBS has tech spending dropping a “minimum” of 6-11% in the year, and the consensus for networking (including the service provider space) is a decline of about 10%. At the same...

November 28, 2008  3:00 PM

Good season for start-up acquisition

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Network equipment, Networking, Next Generation Networks, venture capital

Tellabs is indicating it may be willing to use its strong balance sheet for some down-market M&A, something that we think might be a very good idea for a lot of the larger players in the current market. The industry is filled with small startups, some of which have good technology and strong...

November 24, 2008  3:20 PM

Obama economic moves strengthen financial markets

Posted by: Tom Nolle
network monetization, tech market, venture capital

The Obama economic plan, and economic team, are both taking shape and the Street likes what it has seen. Obama is set to name NY Fed chairman Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury and Lawrence Summers as chief economic advisor. The former set up a major gain in the Dow on Friday.


November 17, 2008  1:43 PM

What are Yahoo’s options?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Microsoft, tech market, venture capital, Yahoo

November 17 2008 regarding Yahoo.
The Economist has said in print what most people probably have been thinking: Jerry Yang must go. Their criticism is very much our own. Yang and Decker have not developed any meaningful strategy to replace the Microsoft deal they opposed. In fact,...

November 14, 2008  2:40 PM

Regarding the fate of VC-funded web businesses

Posted by: Tom Nolle
social media, Social networking, venture capital

Analysts and venture capitalists (VCs) are joining forces to warn that the days of running a web business for years with no revenue are over. The latest round, generated by Gartner, is aimed at the social media players who are the latest in the net-company crowd to get funded and are still...


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