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April 7, 2011  7:17 PM

AT&T/T-Mobile deal: What reality lurks below the surface?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, FCC, mergers and acquisitions, return on investment, T-Mobile, Verizon, wireless networks

With a lot of interesting and potentially pivotal happenings in tech, perhaps the most interesting thing is that the real meanings are more important than the surface topics.

August 3, 2010  8:45 PM

Wireless carriers consider mobile service move into credit card space

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, Broadband, credit cards, mobile services, T-Mobile, Verizon, wireless carriers

Major U.S. wireless carriers are looking to establish an alternative to the credit card companies' mobile commerce services -- and some tell us they have hopes of actually competing with credit cards overall. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are looking at a venture in partnership with some...

July 23, 2010  12:32 PM

iPhone for T-mobile? Look out AT&T and Verizon

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, iPhone, T-Mobile, Verizon

There are now rumors that T-Mobile will be offering the iPhone when AT&T's exclusivity expires, probably in addition to rather than instead of Verizon, and possibly even sooner than Verizon.

February 5, 2010  2:00 PM

DT may be planning T-Mobile IPO or acquisition in U.S.

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Deutsche Teleko, IPO, m, mergers & acquisitions, Regulations, Sprint, T-Mobile

T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom may be planning an IPO for the U.S. mobile operation, a partial spin-off or merger, or even a sale of the unit in order to boost its own...

January 13, 2010  4:40 PM

Google’s Nexus One support problems spotlight opportunity for telcos

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, HTC, Nexus One, OSS/BSS, OTT, Red Hat, smartphone, smartphones, support, T-Mobile

Some early reports are saying that there are issues with supporting Google’s Nexus One smartphone, resulting in some users being shuttled between Google (who offers only...

September 14, 2009  3:44 PM

DT and Sprint: Acquisition in the making?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
DT, mergers & acquisitions, Sprint, T-Mobile, wireless

There are financial rumors that DT is looking to buy Sprint, whichwas enough to send DTs stock down in Europe today. DT is said to be looking to boost its

August 25, 2009  12:08 PM

Huawei’s T-Mobile LTE win shows revenue concerns

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Huawei, LTE, T-Mobile, wireless

Huawei, which recently appeared to reaffirm its guidance on sales growth for the year, has won an important T-Mobile trial in Austria. The deal gives Huawei the largest LTE field trial in Europe to date and...

August 24, 2009  12:25 PM

Google and wireless regulation in the U.S.

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple, Google, iPhone, net neutrality, Skype, T-Mobile, VoIP

There’s more debate on the smartphone VoIP front as both Google and T-Mobile deny there were any deliberate restrictions placed on Skype for the T-Mobile Android handsets....

February 19, 2009  2:54 PM

T-Mobile to shake up prices; pressure mobile market

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Fixed-mobile convergence, IMS, Mobile, T-Mobile, wireless

T-Mobile may be about to launch the Great Mobile Price War, with dramatic consequences for the whole market. The company is expected to announce a $50 per month unlimited usage plan, undercutting competitors by half...


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