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December 2, 2008  3:01 PM

Microsoft telco framework quietly dropped

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Microsoft, Next Generation Networks, service delivery platform, third-party platforms

Microsoft has quietly dropped its Connected Services Framework, an ambitious program that targeted telcos with a package of components that was, at some points in Microsoft’s positioning, a service and sometimes a product.

The move has been interpreted as a response to the complex...

September 15, 2008  12:28 PM

Microsoft focuses on software in network planning

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, service delivery platform

Microsoft has released a new TV platform for advertising, Mediaroom, but the product won’t actually be available until June of 2009 according to sources. The release marks a major initiative by Microsoft to become the platform provider for a wide variety of service components in both emerging...

August 18, 2008  1:46 PM

OSS, SDP converge as vendors, providers shift business strategies

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Oracle, OSS, service delivery platform

There are signs that the OSS world and the SDP world are converging, with the driver being a combination of the strategies of major vendors and the shift of service providers toward IT dominance of infrastructure projects. Major players in the OSS space like Amdocs and Telcordia are becoming...

August 12, 2008  7:36 PM

P2P/BitTorrent fall on hard times

Posted by: Tom Nolle
IMS, Internet, Peer2Peer, service delivery platform

P2P may be falling on hard times in at least one sense; BitTorrent confirmed a 20% layoff but said the move had nothing to do with the Comcast throttling issue. In some ways it would have been better for the company had Comcast been the culprit, since the FCC has ruled that Comcast can’t strangle...

June 30, 2008  1:51 PM

NEC buys NetCracker for OSS and SDP presence

Posted by: Tom Nolle
OSS, service delivery platform

NEC is buying OSS firm NetCracker, a move we think sends the clearest signal so far on the importance of operations software in the telecom space. NetCracker is known for a strong service delivery platform (SDP) software position, a class of operations and service feature strategies that focus on...

May 23, 2008  12:39 PM

Vendors lag in TM Forum issues like SDPs

Posted by: Tom Nolle
OSS, service delivery platform

The TM Forum (TMF) meeting in Nice this year seemed to show that the body is becoming more relevant to key issues like service delivery platforms (SDPs), content, and even advertising, but that the vendors involved in the process are lagging in their productization of these advances. The product...

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