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July 18, 2011  4:23 PM

VMware’s new pricing strategy; who’s driving the cloud?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Citrix, Cloud computing, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Open source, Virtualization, VMware

In yet another price change that angers customers, VMware announced a new pricing strategy for its vSphere 5, and the new pricing could create significant...

March 31, 2009  1:52 PM

Intel’s Nehalem chip and the Sun/IBM dynamic

Posted by: Tom Nolle
chips, IBM, Intel, Linux, Open source, processors, Solaris, Sun

Sun’s relationship with Intel on the new generation of processors may bear fruit with Solaris support for the Intel “

March 4, 2009  1:00 PM

ExperiaSphere Technical Primer ready for download

Posted by: Tom Nolle
ExperiaSphere, Open source, services delivery platform

We have released the first public version of our PowerPoint presentation, ExperiaSphere Technical Primer. The document is available for downloading on our ExperiaSphere website. Please visit the Downloads menu tab. We will be...

August 20, 2008  2:19 PM

Ecrisson, STMicroelectronics form mobile phone joint venture

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Open source

In yet another move seemingly aimed at Google’s Open Handset Alliance, Ericsson and STMicroelectronics are forming a joint venture (JV) to create software and semiconductors for cellphones. The move comes after rival Nokia bought out Symbian and made it open source, and Google’s Android seems...

August 19, 2008  5:54 PM

Death of analog TV could benefit telecoms

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Open source, Wireless handsets

The upcoming death of analog TV broadcasting may save the U.S. cellular providers from one of the risks of an open handset -- the deployment of cellphones able to tune into analog TV. This type of phone is sold by ZTE in China, where analog service will continue for another six years. There may...

August 15, 2008  8:23 PM

First Google Android handset due before year’s end

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Open source, third-party platforms

Google Android will be making its debut for the holiday season according to reports, with its first phone created by HTC and offered by T-Mobile. The new phone will have a touch screen, larger slide-based keyboard, and support an unknown number of Android applications from developers in the Open...

August 13, 2008  8:40 PM

Yahoo announces Fire Eagle developer platform

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Open source

Yahoo is making its Fire Eagle geo-platform available to all developers today. The new platform is an example of the work that Yahoo in particular, but also other web giants, are doing to facilitate the development of applications through the release of useful tools that reduce developer...

June 27, 2008  2:14 PM

Telcos look at open source

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Open source, Web 2.0

Telcos are apparently working harder to make their APIs suitable for a broader range of web developers, providing more Web 2.0-like or “RESTfull” interfaces (an acronym for the normal interaction between web clients and servers). We believe that the move is positive in that it shows the...

April 4, 2008  4:55 PM

New open source initiative from CIMI Corporation

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Networking, Open source

We have launched an open source project to develop service logic execution environments (SLEEs) and service management execution environments (SMEEs) for NGN services. The initiative is called "ExperiaSphere," and we are now actively seeking contributors and partners in the process. We've...

December 13, 2007  6:47 PM

Cisco Dips Toe into “New Media”?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Networking, Open source, Social networking

Cisco made an exploratory foray into the new media space at its C-scape conference, with a short discussion of its architecture for social and entertainment portals, EOS. This open-source framework is expected to be available to developers in 2008. There were no real details of Cisco's plans here,...


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