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February 7, 2011  6:31 PM

Content is again king — but in a less cool, grown-up business way

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AOL, Comcast, Google, NBC, online content, OTT, portals, Yahoo

There are some new indications that the momentum of the web is shifting more decisively toward content, but not in the simplistic “content is king” sense. What’s happening is a combination of fairly complicated and interrelated shifts, and these are gradually changing the way the online...

December 29, 2009  12:18 AM

FCC eyes content piracy; attention affects P2P brokers

Posted by: Tom Nolle
copyright infringement, FCC, online content, P2P, piracy

Another federal judge in another copyright case has ruled that a P2P broker who acted as a clearinghouse for creating torrents to share copyrighted content was deliberately facilitating piracy. Further, the judge ruled that the provider (IsoHunt) was not entitled to the safe-harbor protection of...

August 26, 2009  11:42 AM

Internet piracy regulation: The Industrial Revolution evolution

Posted by: Tom Nolle
online content, P2P, regulation

The UK’s regulatory arm, Ofcom, is considering a set of procedures aimed at reducing online piracy, and these include shutting off the Internet services of offenders who ignore repeated warnings....

August 10, 2009  1:53 PM

Paid content trends indicate deals are in order

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, online content, paid content

News Corp is planning to charge for viewing at least some of its key news sites to access stories, and likely all four major publications including The Financial Times and The Sunday Times. The shift isn’t unique—The Wall Street Journal charges for its online...

July 24, 2009  12:36 PM

Content trends include emphasis on revenue-sharing

Posted by: Tom Nolle
online content, portals, regulation, revenue sharing, search engines

Over a thousand publishers have banded together in an organization aimed at insuring they receive reasonable returns on their publishing investment, particularly from news and editorial content creation. The Fair...

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