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March 27, 2009  2:53 PM

TV interactivity: Hot trend or hot mess?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
interactive TV, Online advertising

Interactivity in TV is being touted as being a plus for IPTV, or maybe it’s for True2Way, or maybe for digital TV. Any time you see this sort of “smearing the buzz” phenomena, you know something’s hot, and interactivity surely...

December 5, 2008  2:15 PM

Yahoo still looking at deals

Posted by: Tom Nolle
mergers and acquisitions, Microsoft, Online advertising, Yahoo

Yahoo’s board may be looking inside itself for the next CEO, hoping to get someone who can manage the company effectively without a learning curve, as well as someone who can deal with Yang, who is expected to be a difficult partner to any new CEO. Yahoo is also still considering an AOL deal,...

August 7, 2008  2:47 PM

AOL profits way down; Time to sell

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, ISP, Online advertising, Social networking

Time-Warner’s AOL unit saw profits fall by 26%, and has been in talks to split and sell off AOL to boost the parent company’s financials. The drop in AOL’s fortunes came not because of a shift from an access model to an ad model per se, but because of the shift to broadband...

June 26, 2008  8:33 PM

Microblogging: Trouble for network bandwidth?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
IP advertising, Online advertising, Social networking

Twitter, the “What are you doing” less-than-texting concept, is gaining a lot of buzz, users and funding. Monetizing any social network has proved difficult, and Twitter’s simple approach makes it harder than usual to see how ads might work there, but it still raises a troubling question for...

March 19, 2008  7:50 PM

Mobile providers join to launch targeted ad service

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Mobile, Online advertising

Five unnamed mobile service providers have joined with ValueClick to launch a service that targets better demographic targeting of mobile ads. The mechanism used for ad selection is heavily linked to behavioral targeting, and it seems clear that the move is the long-awaited move by some mobile...

February 22, 2008  2:30 PM

Google video ad trials – the clueless approach

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Online advertising, Video

Google has launched a trial of its controversial banner-add-on-video strategy, and we believe the step shows the extent to which the online content ad process is detuned from market reality. The approach has continually been shown to be offensive to viewers of video, far more so than the...

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