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January 26, 2011  2:38 PM

Cisco on “ambient video”network issue — short on solutions

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Online advertising, Routers, Video

Cisco has again indicated that what it calls “ambient video” (meaning user-generated content) is going to put enormous demands on the network of the future. But like the political...

December 16, 2010  2:47 PM

Consumer-driven public networking hits financial watershed

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Comcast, FCC, ISPs, net neutrality, Online advertising, peering, Quality of Service, regulation

The holiday season is always dominated by consumerism, but it should be pretty clear to everyone that networking itself is increasingly dominated by the consumer. We’re headed very quickly for a time when the consumer essentially funds all public networking,...

October 21, 2010  1:41 PM

Behind the Facebook breach: Why we should beware of ‘free’

Posted by: Tom Nolle
breach, consumers, Facebook, free, FTC, Internet advertising, Online advertising, privacy, regulation, targeting

The Facebook privacy breach scandal, where popular application providers shared private data without user permission, is only the latest in a series of targeting-related breaches of privacy...

April 14, 2010  1:38 PM

Alcatel-Lucent’s continues in ad broker mode with Optism

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, mobile advertising, Online advertising

Alcatel-Lucent is continuing its concept of being a broker in connection with next-gen services with an offering in advertising. Optism is the name of the solution, and like the Open API Program we’ve talked about...

April 9, 2010  12:23 PM

New Apple iPhone software integrates ads into apps

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple iPhone, Online advertising

The biggest news about Apple’s iPhone 4.0 software may well be the iAds concept. This is a means of letting advertisements be integrated into applications more easily by developers and allowing users to...

April 5, 2010  1:52 PM

Advertising industry gets serious about online ad model

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Online advertising

There are some indications that the advertising industry is getting serious about just what an online ad model should be. Part of the drive has come from things like TV Everywhere, which tends to present

September 24, 2009  1:51 PM

New cable ad platform — EFIB — set for launch

Posted by: Tom Nolle
cable, Online advertising, video on demand

The cable industry’s advertising consortium, Canoe, is launching its ad exchange and interactivity platform (Enhanced Binary Interchange Format, which it calls EBIF — catchy, huh?) This format...

September 10, 2009  5:03 PM

Comcast’s TV Everywhere: Credibility with advertisers

Posted by: Tom Nolle
cable, Comcast, Online advertising, video content

Comcast says that it’s no more than 60 days from rolling out TV Everywhere throughout its service area. The project is in trial now and has already signed up 24 networks to supply...

July 13, 2009  1:43 PM

Online advertising tied to privacy concerns

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Online advertising, privacy, regulation

Some of the issues in the debate over whether targeted ads are so much more valuable that they might increase net ad spending are coming to a head around the

April 20, 2009  5:42 PM

Online viewing: New study points to the issues

Posted by: Tom Nolle
bandwidth, ISPs, Online advertising, online video

A new piece of university research shows that TV still has the largest eyeball share by far, and in every demographic group. Online video accounts for only a half-percent of viewing time overall, in fact. Computer video...

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