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February 12, 2008  2:39 PM

Proposed deals verify mobile angst

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, Mobile, Motorola

Regarding the Alcatel-Lucent/NEC deal and the rumored Motorola-Nortel deal, these developments are symptoms of the angst in the mobile infrastructure market, the slowing of investment in infrastructure that is accompanying a lack of convincing growth in ARPU, and concerns about regulatory shifts...

February 8, 2008  2:26 PM

Alcatel-Lucent losses indicate management change?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, Metro Area Networks

Alcatel-Lucent posted another loss, warned on the current quarter, and suspended dividend payments, all of which will almost certainly lead to a management shakeup. The company is suffering under a mobile spending slump that has also hurt some of its competitors, and is unlikely to lift for the...

February 7, 2008  3:19 PM

Cisco earnings show order slowdown

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Juniper Networks, Routers

Cisco reported decent numbers for the current quarter but acknowledged the slowdown in orders that we predicted for the first half of this year. The company relies on enterprises for a large chunk of revenues, and that sector is very troubled by the credit crash and consumer concerns. We believe...

January 30, 2008  3:48 PM

Juniper launches enterprise Ethernet products

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Ethernet, Juniper Networks, Switches

Juniper announced its long-awaited EX series of enterprise Ethernet switches, and marketing partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. The move to enterprise switching was expected but the partnerships are more a surprise, though how well they will pan out for Juniper is yet to be seen. Juniper...

January 4, 2008  8:59 PM

Verizon’s FiOS plans cause more cable angst

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, Cabling, IP services, Optical Networking, Triple play services

Verizon's FiOS plans in 2008 include obtaining some franchises in major metro centers and increasing its HD channel count to 150, both of which are likely to cause further angst for the cable companies. In the former area, Verizon faces the issue of efficient delivery to multiple dwelling units...

January 3, 2008  8:53 PM

CES show to prompt wireless hub upgrades?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Integrated devices, Wi-Fi, Wireless broadband

The CES show next week will likely introduce many to the new and almost-emerged 802.11n standard for wireless LANs. Capable of supporting data and video concurrently, this is the wireless standard that many hope will cause consumers to upgrade their wireless hubs. To date, wireless hubs are one of...

December 31, 2007  10:13 PM

2008 cable capital expense trends

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cabling, capital expense, Cisco

Lower prices on cable modem termination system ports are likely in 2008, and this often means that the cable companies are putting pressure on the vendors with advance notice of procurements. The changes in pricing will come with some capability to re-architect the downstream bandwidth to the home,...

December 21, 2007  12:22 AM

Cisco loses chief development officer

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Networking, Routers

Charlie Giancarlo, former CDO of Cisco, resigned today. Charlie was the expected successor to John Chambers, but recent political moves within Cisco suggested that succession, if it happened at all, would be long delayed. Giancarlo was a strategist, a thinker, and not a salesman or a showman, and...

December 19, 2007  1:20 PM

Sprint readies for IPv6, federal mandate or not

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Internet, IP services, IPv6

The Federal government agency mandate to run IPv6 by the summer of 2008 is now approaching, and Sprint at least is planning to be ready in case the government actually goes through with what it has mandates, far from a sure thing. IPv6 is a new version of IP that has considerably more address...

December 14, 2007  7:09 PM

Sprint and Clearwire Revival?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, Mobile, WiMAX

There is speculation that a Clearwire/Sprint relationship may still be in the cards. The two companies had forged a WiMAX alliance but it came apart in the fall due, we have heard, to a strategy difference between the two. Sprint and Clearwire are now reportedly more in sync with regards to the...

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