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August 7, 2008  2:47 PM

AOL profits way down; Time to sell

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, ISP, Online advertising, Social networking

Time-Warner’s AOL unit saw profits fall by 26%, and has been in talks to split and sell off AOL to boost the parent company’s financials. The drop in AOL’s fortunes came not because of a shift from an access model to an ad model per se, but because of the shift to broadband...

August 6, 2008  4:41 PM

Cisco beats numbers, but issues remain

Posted by: Tom Nolle

Cisco reported numbers that beat estimates by a penny but still showed some signs of difficulties in the markets. Switches and routers grew in the mid-to-high single digits, 5-to-6 percent lower than usual but better than the last quarter. The Cisco numbers are consistent with our view of the...

August 1, 2008  1:24 PM

Siemens telecom purchase: Signal of strength?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Routers, Switches, Verizon

The decision by billionaire Alec Gores to buy the Siemens telecom business may be a signal that the longer-term fundamentals of telecom are stronger than many expect, or it may be an indication that Gores has taken one gamble to many. We have reservations about the space for the next two to...

July 31, 2008  12:46 PM

Comcast financials improve – in some ways

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, Broadband, Cabling, Comcast, Verizon

Comcast turned in a better-than-expected quarter (at least better in some ways), showing good growth in its triple-play and Internet offerings, but a decline in growth for digital cable. ARPU increased slightly, also a good sign. The success appears linked to the fact that AT&T and Verizon...

July 29, 2008  2:02 PM

Alcatel-Lucent CEO and chairman say goodbye after more losses

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, Network equipment

Alcatel-Lucent’s Russo and Tchuruk, the CEO and Chairman respectively, are resigning after the company posted yet another loss in the quarterly earnings announcement. The move was applauded by many (most) financial analysts, who believe the team has not been able to sustain the momentum of the...

July 24, 2008  6:01 PM

Juniper exec changes could indicate software emphasis

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Carrier Ethernet, Ethernet, Juniper Networks, Microsoft

Microsoft executive Kevin Johnson, president of the Platforms and Services division that was working for the Yahoo acquisition, is leaving Microsoft to run Juniper Networks. Juniper issued a press release indicating that Johnson will become CEO and Scott Kriens will become the chairman and will...

July 22, 2008  6:47 PM

Brocade to acquire Foundry

Posted by: Tom Nolle
DataCenter, Ethernet, Networking, Switches

Brocade Communications, a data center fibrechannel switch player, is acquiring Foundry, the Ethernet switch company. The deal is likely to meet little resistance from any regulatory or shareholder perspective and so can be considered done. We believe this move is a step toward recognizing a...

July 11, 2008  9:10 PM

Comcast to face net neutrality sanctions

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Comcast, FCC, net neutrality

Reports out of Washington D.C., suggest that the FCC’s Martin will recommend a sanction against Comcast for violating its net neutrality principles, but it is not clear (since those principles were not an “order” in a legal sense) whether the decision will have any teeth. Comcast,...

July 9, 2008  2:09 PM

Microsoft to launch collaboration software partner plan

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Messaging, Software as a Service

Microsoft is launching its new online flagship service concept in what it calls the “Deskless Worker.” The new suite is designed for the entry-level Exchange and Sharepoint candidates who often don’t use Microsoft at all because of the cost and complexity of running their own versions of the...

July 7, 2008  12:46 PM

Emerging economies create emerging vendors

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper Networks, Routers

Emerging economies’ telecom deals may be creating a new wave of key players, absent some of the usual names. The recent action in China and India show that where an emerging economy invests in telecom infrastructure, the deals are weighted toward access, metro and fiber, and less to the...

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