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July 8, 2009  6:20 PM

New Google OS: Solidifying the cloud/SaaS partnership

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing, Google, Microsoft, netbooks, SaaS

Google is said to be announcing a new PC/netbook operating system today, a move that would make Google’s competition with Microsoft a very real thing and not just media hype. Rumors about the new OS are that it will be based on

February 26, 2009  3:52 PM

Nokia’s migration of smartphone OSs to netbooks

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, Microsoft, netbooks, Nokia, smartphone OS

Nokia is planning to release a netbook line based on Symbian, according to reports. The move is certainly a reaction to the Google plans to introduce netbooks based on Android. The barriers to the use of a smartphone OS as the basis for a computer are less with netbooks because more of the usage...


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