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October 26, 2009  8:15 PM

Verizon’s smartphone direction still chasing AT&T?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple, AT&T, FCC, net neutrality, smartphones, Verizon, wireless networks

Verizon is apparently planning a total smartphone blitz for the holidays, including the already-discussed Droid from Motorola, but also according to rumor, a new HTC...

October 23, 2009  1:56 PM

FCC includes pivotal issue in Net Neutrality NPRM

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FCC, net neutrality, regulation, wireless

The FCC isn’t “considering” net neutrality rules as a formal order; they’re “proposing” specific actions. That’s the meaning of what happened yesterday at the public meeting. The FCC approved...

October 13, 2009  11:18 AM

Policy clues surface as FCC hits its stride

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, FCC, Mobile, net neutrality, open handsets, voice

The FCC is hitting its stride in regulatory policy terms, primarily relating to the issues of next-gen voice. In one matter, the FCC has already asked Google for specific details on Google Voice, in response to AT&T filing a complaint that the service was really a regulated voice service and...

September 28, 2009  5:53 PM

AT&T swipes at Google in net neutrality debate

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, Google, net neutrality

AT&T is punching back at Google’s long advocacy of net neutrality, accusing the...

September 22, 2009  2:15 PM

FCC net neutrality proposal confuses the issue

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, FCC, net neutrality, P2P, Quality of Service, Regulations

Reviewing FCC Chairman Genachowski’s comments on the net neutrality process, we find that there are a number of interesting points.

  • First, the FCC is indeed...

August 24, 2009  12:25 PM

Google and wireless regulation in the U.S.

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple, Google, iPhone, net neutrality, Skype, T-Mobile, VoIP

There’s more debate on the smartphone VoIP front as both Google and T-Mobile deny there were any deliberate restrictions placed on Skype for the T-Mobile Android handsets....

August 14, 2009  1:36 PM

Comcast appeals FCC traffic management order

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Comcast, FCC, ISPs, net neutrality, regulation

Comcast has decided to appeal the FCC’s order for the cable giant to stop metering P2P traffic, even though Comcast ceased that practice even before the FCC order was issued. The goal of the company is to test the

July 21, 2009  1:15 AM

Broadband stimulus details signals coming regulatory trends

Posted by: Tom Nolle
braodband stimulus, net neutrality

The details of the funding policy statement for the broadband stimulus...

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April 7, 2009  6:18 PM

Wireless Internet: Should “net neutrality” apply?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, FCC. wireless broadband, net neutrality, over-the-top, Regulations, Skype, smartphones

The FCC is being asked for a ruling on whether its net neutrality principles apply to wireless Internet. This step comes after AT&T limited the use of Skype on...

February 4, 2009  1:29 PM

FCC could enter cable bandwidth management fray

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Broadband, Comcast, Cox, DOCSIS 3.0, FCC, net neutrality, OTT, over-the-top, Regulations, VoIP

Comcast has, as we had predicted, asserted to the FCC that its voice service is not carried over the Internet or Internet access infrastructure, and is therefore neither subject to their traffic management policies nor to the FCC’s four principles of net neutrality.

They’re right, of...

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