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August 27, 2010  2:24 PM

New Cisco acquisition targets server-based content strategy

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Add new tag, CDN, Cisco, content delivery, content delivery network, content management, data center, mergers & acquisitions, service layer architecture

Cisco has announced it will acquire ExtendMedia, a content-management play that extends Cisco’s increasingly successful server-side content strategy for network operators. While operators originally saw content as being...

May 25, 2010  12:04 PM

IBM’s Sterling Commerce buy says enterprise cloud initiative

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing, e-commerce, IBM, mergers & acquisitions

In a move that could signal a major change in the cloud computing dynamic, IBM announced it was buying Sterling Commerce in a $1.4 billion all-cash acquisition. Sterling is a B2B service...

April 23, 2010  12:18 PM

CenturyTel and Qwest together: Could they be a contender?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
CenturyTel, IXC, mergers & acquisitions, Qwest, US RBOC

In an ironic déjà vu thing, CenturyTel is acquiring Qwest for a stock swap. We think this is ironic because Qwest was created when an overvalued IXC wannabe (Qwest) took...

February 5, 2010  2:00 PM

DT may be planning T-Mobile IPO or acquisition in U.S.

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Deutsche Teleko, IPO, m, mergers & acquisitions, Regulations, Sprint, T-Mobile

T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom may be planning an IPO for the U.S. mobile operation, a partial spin-off or merger, or even a sale of the unit in order to boost its own...

December 30, 2009  12:21 AM

Google, the FTC and the AdMob acquisition

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FTC, Google, mergers & acquisitions, online adversiting

There’s a growing number of requests to the FTC to turn down the Google deal to buy AdMob,...

December 8, 2009  4:27 PM

Cisco’s growth targets: Increase market, but what of the service layer?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, data center, mergers & acquisitions, service layer architecture, telecom equipment vendors

Cisco is expected to take a bold step this week and tell the financial community it can return to its historical targets of 12-18% growth, owing in part to the economic recovery and in part to Cisco’s radical moves to increase...

September 14, 2009  3:44 PM

DT and Sprint: Acquisition in the making?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
DT, mergers & acquisitions, Sprint, T-Mobile, wireless

There are financial rumors that DT is looking to buy Sprint, whichwas enough to send DTs stock down in Europe today. DT is said to be looking to boost its


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